Book Fail part 1: How to lose readers at the start

Hi, all, it’s Sher today with some advice for writers. It’s been a while since I gave writing advice because I prefer promoting books I like, but I think it’ time to explain some important problems I’ve encountered over the years. These are all reasons I stop reading books early …

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A setting with character

If you want your story to be interesting, why not give it a setting with some character? Alaska, for example. I’ve been to enough writing workshops to glean the importance of setting. It’s not about the setting itself, no matter how gorgeous or ugly, hot or cold, wet or dry. …

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Choose my book hook and win a $10 Amazon book!

“Follow my heart,” an editor said, not knowing how wild my imagination is. She never saw the critical comments that led to my latest rewrite. I don’t trust my heart anymore, so I’m asking my blog readers’ opinions. It seems young teens prefer action first. At least the majority of …

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