Cat-astrophic Crash

In fiction, I would have seen it coming. In real life, I was driving my cat to the vet for his shots and didn’t see anything until it happened. None of that slow-motion nonsense. Just white truck, shooting out from side street so fast I couldn’t do anything to stop the crash. A split-second of !!! Didn’t even have time to think a whole word.

I veer left and hit the brakes as POW! Right front of car caves in, airbag deploys into chest, horn blares.

Ow. Hurts, but I can breathe. I look down at cat in cage on passenger seat through smoke or mist, don’t know which. Can’t dial my phone. Too shaky. I look over airbag and see truck driver’s door dented in, but he moves his vehicle and gets out, seems fine. I don’t dare move my car with all that steam or smoke rising.

Witness knocks on window and I roll it down. She offers to call and I say yes, please. I get out and make sure my legs hold me up, then go around to move cat to safety while witness calls 911. Paramedics are there in minutes, but I decline ride to hospital. I’m more worried about cat than me. 2nd witness offers to move cat into shade and I’m grateful. She has to leave or miss her plane. First witness calls family because I can’t make my phone work. My brain isn’t working either.

The truck’s driver keeps apologizing for pulling out, misjudging distance and ruining my day. He says he hasn’t had an accident for 15 years. I’m not mad. I thank him for his apology. I finally remember to exchange info after tow truck shows up to tow my car. The white truck is still drivable.

I can’t find my driver’s license anywhere. It’s on my checkbook, which is missing from my purse. Policewoman finishes her report and tears up my citation for failure to carry license after hubby shows up and pulls my checkbook from car’s back seat where he left it. Son shows up and takes cat to vet for check-up and shots. Tow truck leaves. I thank first witness again for her support and she leaves.

As hubby drives me to hospital, I read the police report which says the white truck failed to yield. Got that right. After long wait in ER, X-rays come out clean. Doctor says expect to be more sore the next day. I can’t wait. Yes, I can.

But I can’t wait to write. Seems cat-astrophes and creativity are connected. First I have to get a rental car before the place closes for the weekend. Then I need a catnap. Cat does too. I doubt he’ll ever cooperate to get in carrier again. Needless to say, he gets special treats tonight, and some extra love.

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  1. I saw your Facebook post on this too. I bet you’re sore today! Hopefully not too sore to write! 🙂

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