Campaigners meet hoppers! Share chocolate, bloggers!

Are you here on campaign or perhaps to blog hop? Let’s make a blog train that won’t ever stop! Go to my contest, 4 blogs below, or follow this link, a shortcut you know. Please do at least a few things on the list. Each will take seconds (my hotlinks don’t miss). You can win chocolate or choose a gift card. My family can’t enter, and the chocolate is on guard. The more things you do, the more entries you’ll get. And doing them all gives you more chances yet. When I do for you what you did for me, we’ll share the whole world and some chocolate. Whoopee!

Then if you want a prize like a book, go on this giveaway hop, take a look!

Share A Heart

Indie author-friendly freelance editor, children's book blogger for picture books through YA, kid lit, SF/fantasy lover with special fondness for middle grade, pun-loving SCBWI member, meter-maid for poetry and rhyming picture books.


  1. Say no more, I am on my way! I’m so glad to find another campaigner in the humor section. I can’t believe what a small group we are.
    I hope you’ll stop by my site tomorrow to check out a prompt I’m going to post later tonight. Now 4 posts down did you say?

  2. Hi. I am trying to follow you and like you tons.Is there some assinment that I am missing from the Campaign? I have never done this before. I did try to be a follower but it kicked me out. Will try again πŸ™‚ Thanks for coming to visit me. πŸ™‚

  3. Not many people trying to write humor write? Anyhoo, might not want to ship me the chocolate cost wise but maybe if I win then I can pay it forward, kind of like a present that never gets opened. Though it would be awkward if I start a competition on my site with prizes from all the other competitions I’ve entered as prizes.

    Do you think that would need to many disclaimers or would that be a viable option?

  4. Hey Sher! I am a fellow science fiction Campaigner.

  5. Hey, Alex and anyone else commenting here. The reward zone is four blogs down. Sure, say hi here. Then go try for some chocolate.

  6. Did someone say chocolate?!
    Hi Sher! I’m over here from the campaign!

  7. I love your Seussian cant! And the nesting doll guard is pretty awesome too! πŸ™‚

  8. Not Fair Shar! Teasing us with cholcalate as the prize…Why I never! Never turn away chocolate that is! That’s why it’s not FAIR!!!

    Ok, love your blog already -thanks for visiting and tweeting and everything else. Will be back soon.

  9. Fellow campaigner here. I write just about everything – from PBs on up to adults. Looking forward to getting better acquainted!

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