Book Winners from the Heartland to Chilly Chile

Okay, I’m late posting, but I prefer to notify my contest winners ahead of time. Here we go. The winners of my Counting Book Blessings contest, with an extra prize added because my blog went over 200 followers during I am a Reader, Not a Writer’s Gratitude Giveaways Blog Hop. Michele Luker won 1st place, a box of books from my stock, my entire remaining collection of Xanth books by Piers Anthony, already mailed.

Weird, how she picked the very series that inspired my Erth One series, the first of which is finished and in the query stage, titled Erth Won. Piers Anthony was very supportive when I asked his permission to write a pun series for teens similar to his Xanth novels, his only caution being not to call it Xanth. I went to the extent of removing most of Xanth territory from Erth One’s geography. My book covers a whole world, Erth One, but the home of the planet’s intellect is within the Heartland.

To make the original Heartland map, I drew a heart over the US with its upper lobes extending into Canada. As you can see, I sank most of Flowreeda into the Gulp of Messygo. Callitformer and other outlands aren’t as green as the choice Heartland. Maine is a minor part of Canutta’s Winterlands. I owe the latest version to Tirzah, who I met during Rachael Harrie’s Platform Building Campaign. Her blog is A Clever Whatever, and if you need a book cover, you should check out her work at Tirzahsbookscovers.

She turned my map from boring black and white to living color. Living color is literal because Erth One is a conscious planet with a conscience. As my first book opens, it’s on the brink of death from a broken Heartland, an old war wound never healed.

But wait. You can read about the book later. Right now I need to finish announcing book winners. Denise Zaky won 2nd place, an envelope mailer of books from my stock, not yet sent because I didn’t get word back before I left home for my quarterly family visit to Seattle. Denise is good with my delay, a good thing for both of us.

Angela Dawn won the 3rd place prize, her choice of a featured author book, and she chose The Man in the Cinder Clouds by Rick Daley. It’s not too late for those who didn’t win this book to purchase a copy for Christmas. What better time to find evidence of the origins of Santa Clause? Who could doubt the diary of a Elf found in an ice core sample taken from the North Pole?

Maria won A Reel Cool Summer by Martha Rodriquez. Buy this book for Christmas or any other time of year and you’ll help support literacy because Martha donates part of every sale to Literacy Volunteers of Leon County

Oriana, an international follower from Chile, won Semester Aboard by Elizabeth Kirke. Again, it’s not too late to purchase this YA fantasy for Christmas. Click on the picture.

That’s it for the winners, 5 in all, for my Counting Book Blessings Contest and 200 follower giveaway. Thank you all so much for following my blog and entering the contest.

Since I’m busy with family for the next week, I may or may not post a prewritten blog about family I saved for such an instance. But my next chocolate and books contest drawing is coming up on the 11th, right after I return home. If you think it’s fun to win books, think about getting a large mailer envelope with your choice of chocolate and books. It could be your darkest chocolate fantasy come true, all for a few minutes spent tweeting or posting on FB or Google+, one entry per post. Just click the contest tab at the top of my blog and you’ll on your way the most delicious book contest you ever entered–and won. Bon Appetit.

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