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Hello, everyone! Paul here today. I am excited to bring you my very first review of a book from our review queue here at Sher A. Hart blog. I am reviewing the children’s picture book, The Girl Who Drank the Moon by B.C. Dee. If you haven’t visited our review queue, you can do so here. I must confess I am not an expert at books in rhyme, so I will be reviewing this book purely as a reader. Before we get to the review let’s read the Goodreads blurb:


The Girl Who Drank the Moon by B.C. Dee



When Callie and her teddy bear invited the moon in for a tea party, they had no idea how much fun they would have…and what a catastrophe they would cause. What on Earth can you do after you’ve drunk the moon all up?

This tale of friendship and generosity is a fun read-aloud, and the cheery and playful illustrations draw you in with a secret star hidden on every page.

Some book sites suggest that this kind of story is best classified as a fairy tale, I prefer “contemporary realistic fiction.” It could happen. Kids have great imaginations. Who knows what they will imagine when they play?

My hope is that this would make a good bedtime story for girls or boys. Callie is a little girl. She has a teddy bear. She and her bear befriend the moon. There is self-sacrifice on both sides, so they have a reciprocal friendship.

On the educational side (educational fiction?), it involves social skills, nature and the outdoors, and how things work. Because it is a picture book, it falls into the “early learning” category, but I think it’s a universal tale that is good for kids and adults alike.

Although I may have learned it in school, until I researched near-Earth astronomy for this book, I couldn’t explain why the moon goes through its phases, first waxing, and then waning. The funny misunderstandings of this monthly rhythm are not limited to the young. It is the egocentrism of youth, though, that puts Callie in the central role of causing the moon to shrink and disappear.


Now for my review.

What I liked most: I loved the rhyme. I always enjoyed reading Dr. Seuss to my daughter, and the rhyme in this book was nearly as enjoyable. It is a joy to read books that the rhythm becomes part of the story, and The Girl Who Drank the Moon did not disappoint.

What missed a bit: The only real miss I found was a single word: gamboled. I had to look this word up. Once I did, I felt it fit quiet well into the story, and I might even incorporate it into my vocabulary. It will need to be explained to children however.

Overall: I really liked this book. I think the cute illustrations, excellent rhyme and rhythm, and fun story will appeal to parents and children alike. It is not only a fun book, but an educational one as well. It is sure to spark questions and subsequent discussions about the moon and our world around us. I am really looking forward to reading more books by Mr. Dee.




About the author:

B.C. Dee has been an author of children’s stories since age five, and a father ever since the birth of his daughter. Isabel is the inspiration for his stories that are replete with playful insights into children and the world around them.


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