Book Review: Sage’s Song by Karen Kilpatrick

Hi all, Angie here! For my first review on the blog, I wanted to keep it simple with a children’s picture book.
Back Cover Blurb:

Dance to the beat of Sage’s Song! 

Find out what listening is really worth as Sage makes music from the sounds of the earth. Banging away on her drum, Sage can really make a racket! Stopping to listen to the world around her, Sage learns that music surrounds her in the simplest of sounds. This sensory exploration teaches the value of listening and inspires an awareness of the beautiful music nature creates.

From the Pumpkinheads, teaching messages that parents care about through books and characters that children love!

Now for my review: 

I thought this book would be great for a wide range of children. Because of the rhyming rhythm and the percussive sounds it would keep even a small baby’s attention. (I read it to my 6-month-old, I would know) For older children, it does a good job of pointing out simple sounds that they could recognize as music, and easily read themselves. I loved the sounds they used, mostly because I could tell that the baby liked when I made the sounds and he could recognize them as distinct. My only complaint is that the rhythm was not always consistent. I didn’t feel that flow throughout that I want from a rhyming picture book. It was there, but sometimes it got interrupted. I love rhyme in a picture book, but I have high standards and this didn’t quite meet them. 

4 out of 5 stars

Although the rhyming was not up to par, I thought it would serve it’s purpose well to entertain small children. All in all, it was worth the introduction to it and the read. I really think kids will enjoy it.

The release date of the book was July 9, 2013. It can be found at

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  1. What a cute cover and I love the idea behind the story. Interesting about the rhythm- I would have expected it to be the same throughout. I will definitely check this one out- I work at a music conservatory and I bet the students would enjoy this one in the waiting area. 🙂

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