Book Review Blitz: Wicka The Chronicles of Elizabeth Blake by Christy Deveaux

Hi all, Kara here today with a wonderful book blitz review for a book called: Wicka The Chronicles of Elizabeth Blake by Christy Deveaux. My review is below, please check it out. Wicka by Christy Deveaux

About the Book

Title: Wicka: The Chronicles of Elizabeth Blake | Author: Christy Deveaux | Publication Date: May 28, 2014 | Publisher: Independent | Pages: 224 | Recommended Ages: 12+

Book Description: While mourning the loss of a mother figure, Elizabeth Blake, a smart but socially introverted seventeen-year-old girl from Ann Arbor, Michigan, enrolls in an international school in the south of France to finish her final year of high school. Here she meets her true love, finds out that she is a witch from an ancient family, and discovers that her life is in danger.

Meanwhile, the Elders—the most powerful coven of witches in the world—have been tracking Elizabeth since her birth. According to an ancient legend, a battle led by “One barely born existing to lead” will cause the downfall of the Elders. Fearing that Elizabeth is the heir to this legend, the Elders try to destroy her before she can fulfill the prophecy.

With the help of her new friends, Elizabeth must travel to Greece to try and prove to the Elders that she is not a threat and to ask for their permission to exist in peace.

With the prospect of having to leave each other once the school year ends and return to their homes on opposite sides of the world, Elizabeth and her new love have to find a way to stay together. However, a rival love interest discovers their plan and causes the Elders to act against Elizabeth. As time runs out, Elizabeth must learn to use the powers she possesses to protect herself and the people she loves most.

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The Buzz About the Book

“I truly enjoyed Wicka, a paranormal fantasy with love, jealousy, betrayal, and of course, magic. Young adult-friendly, the book contains its own mythos that really added to the interest in the story for me. It has a truly original take on witch lore, with its own quirks and novelties, that enrich the existing idea of witchcraft. The interpersonal story here is also compelling, and it’s perfect for teens. All in all, fantastic.” ~ Sam G.

“Not only did I find the overview captivating when reading the description, but the story caught my attention right from the start. It takes a lot for a story to do that as I am easily bored – I may as well just be honest about it. This book had me reading it from start to finish and I couldn’t put it down until it was complete. The story was well written and I look forward to reading more novels by this author!” ~ A. Drewes

“Mystery, suspense, love and a fascinating main character. I couldn’t put it down!” ~ Patricia Martin


About the Author: Christy Deveaux

Christy Deveaux, AuthorChristy Deveaux is the author of The Chronicles of Elizabeth Blake series. Her highly anticipated first book in the series, Wicka, was just released this spring (2014). Inspired by traveling across Europe solo at a very young age, and many travel adventures since, the character and story line behind Elizabeth Blake was born.Christy majored in political science and earned a cross-disciplinary degree from the University of Western Ontario. She lives in Toronto, Ontario with her husband, three children and a fish named Cow.

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My Review

I received a copy of this book from MDBR in exchange for an honest review. Thank you MDBR!

I rated this book 5 out of 5 stars! I cannot wait for more in this series!

I normally do not read books about witches, but I thought I would give this one a shot. I am glad I did because I was hooked from the first chapter. The whole plot about the elders reminded me of the Volturi from Twilight and I loved it. Although it reminded me of the Volturi, it was completely different at the same time. Instead of power hungry vampires, it was power hungry witches. There is just something about people who end up power hungry that captivates my attention!

There is plenty of action in this book. The anticipation Elizabeth feels about having to meet the elders, you also feel. You might want to be prepared to stay up all night with this one because you will not want to put it down.

I loved the romance between Elizabeth and William. Parents: Don’t worry, its strictly PG rated (just kissing). I liked that this book kept the romance simple, and Elizabeth becomes involved with William’s family pretty early on. There was definitely a great family feel to this book. William is charming and a sweetheart. Even though they remain virgins after spending the night together with a chance of something intimate happening, William loves Elizabeth. I think this would be a good book for young girls to read, so they feel like they can abstain without the guy changing their minds about them.

Although this book is great for young adults, it still captivates the older reader (like me!). This is definitely a great book you could share with your preteen or teenager to talk about serious issues.


What do you think of this book? Do you like to read about power hungry groups in books?

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