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Sunday seems an odd time to post about a book  titled Black Beast unless you know it’s a book about the battle between good and evil. Add to that the fact that author R.S. Guthrie donates a portion of his book profits to help a friend’s autistic son with school tuition, and it makes a perfect Sunday Service post. It’s even better for Halloween, when most of you will read the post and, I hope, buy the book or another of Rob’s books.

If you didn’t see last Sunday’s post featuring author Melissa Foster, you may not know I’m featuring authors on every Sunday. RABMAD stands for Read a Book, Make a Difference, and was dreamed up by today’s spotlight author, R. S. Guthrie, to showcase authors who support charities through their writing. The strength of numbers is evident by the site’s growth, up five members since last week. Go ahead, take a peek and then come back here. Uh, Rob, you need to add more hands to this picture!

Since you, as a reader, have a chance to read great books that support great causes, why wouldn’t you make supporting those causes your new reason to take more time to read? Now your me time can double as your charity time. No more need to rationalize. Woot!

Without further ado, here’s the scoop on R.S. Guthrie, his books and his charity, as taken from his own website and with full credit to the author.

R.S. Guthrie grew up in Northeastern Iowa and Northwestern Wyoming, which is to say he’s always known how to deal with cold winters and plenty of snow! Growing up in the Heartland and the Rocky Mountains, and alongside the good people who populate these beautiful areas of the United States, the author learned (among other things) one core principle of a great culture: people helping each other.

“My father used to leave the keys to our Chevy Blazer in the ignition whenever we went into the store. I would ask him if that was a good idea and he always answered the same way: ‘What if there is an emergency and someone needs it?’. Perhaps not the most personally profitable answer, but that was the culture in which I was raised. You think of others before yourself.”

Read a Book, Make a Difference  is the author’s vision. After losing their two month-old son, Brody, to SIDS in 2008, Guthrie and his wife began supporting the local SIDS non-profit.  When the author released his first book, Black Beast: A Clan of MacAulay Novel, in 2011, he knew he wanted to do something special with part of the proceeds.

“Ben is the young son of some good friends of ours. He has Down Syndrome and autism. The public school system here in Colorado was simply not offering Ben the attention and education that the rest of us take for granted—i.e. an acceptable one. Ben’s parents got him into a wonderful non-profit school here in Denver, The Joshua School. TJS is a home-like environment in which children on the autism spectrum—including Ben—literally thrive.

The school is not inexpensive, so each year our friends have a fundraiser: Benefit 4 Ben. This year I decided to donate half the net proceeds to B4B—and 100% of the September proceeds!”
Thus, Read a Book, Make a Difference was born.

Black Beast: A Clan of MacAulay Novel

Black Beast is the critically acclaimed first book in a series of Clan of MacAulay novels based in Denver, Colorado and featuring DPD Detective Bobby Macaulay. Bobby Mac is a herofor whom we can all cheer (and in whom readers can see a part of themselves–their own passions, challenges, loves, relationships, dreams and history.

In this debut novel, Detective Bobby Mac and his partner draw a double-homicide in Sloan’s Lake Park. The level of violence seems to suggest a killer–or killers–with a motivation beyond what the detectives have seen in the past. Indeed, as the investigation ensues, Bobby Mac will uncover not only a deep history of unimaginable evil, but also his own history: the history of the Clan of MacAulay.

The Clan MacAulay has a centuries-old tradition of protection and soldiering the cause of Good in its triumph over Evil. The clan harbored the great Scottish rebel William Wallace, and Detective Bobby Macaulay will discover that it is no small matter of fate that he is a cop, sworn to protect under the fragile yet vital curtains of the law. What he will discover, however, is that the law can seem a distant thing when faced with ancient, unimaginable evil, taking the form of twenty-first century criminal enterprise.

And nothing will be as it seems. Not ever again.

Guthrie’s debut novel has received stellar reviews—each and every reader left with one driving question: how long until the sequel?


Lost is the second Clan of MacAulay novel. Denver Detective Bobby Mac returns, called north to Idaho’s Coeur d’ Alene wilderness to track down a young girl whose mother and sister were brutally murdered at the hand’s of her own father.

Bobby Mac’s brother, Jackson Macaulay, is the Chief of Police in Rocky Gap, Idaho. When Jackson is faced with a local hero that has murdered his wife and daughter and has reported that not only did the Devil make him do it, but has also kidnapped his six year-old living daughter, he calls his estranged brother in Denver.

Lost will team two incompatible brothers, infusing the tradition of a deep family lineage in the rescue of an innocent soul, stolen by forces with which the two Macaulays must reckon.


Dark Prairies

Dark Prairies is author R.S. Guthrie’s opus. Set in the same shadow of small town Rocky Mountain Wyoming splendor where the author grew to manhood, this is the story of Sheriff James Pruett and the terrible murder that not only robs him of the cornerstone of his very soul, but also threatens to shatter the faith he’s always had in the town he loves and protects.

When Pruett’s wife of forty-four years is gunned down by her own brother–when the old sheriff sees the outcome of a years-long family war over land rights and fortunes made from Big Oil–he must dig until he understands the true capacity for human greed at the core of the worst tragedy in the history of Wind River, Wyoming.

The answers awaiting Sheriff Pruett will put his resolve to the ultimate test.


R.S. Guthrie’s Cause

Benefit 4 Ben ( Benefit 4 Ben is an effort to raise annual tuition for a profound young man named Ben Fieber. Ben has Down Syndrom and autism and since he began attending The Joshua School in 2008-2009, he has thrived in that environment. The tuition is not covered by the public school system, so the Fieber’s have a fundraiser each year to stipend the high tuition costs.

R.S. Guthrie is donating 50% of all net proceeds from the sales of his books to Ben’s tuition costs. During the month of September each year, to celebrate the beginning of each school year, the author will donate all net proceeds to the cause!

R.S. Guthrie’s Links:

Author Website:
Facebook Fan Page:
Independent Authors Network Page:
Author’s Blog on Writing:

So go ahead, buy one of R.S. Guthrie’s books or another from one of the authors. Then settle on your porch Halloween night to give out treats while you treat yourself to a great read.

By the way, October 31st is the last day to enter my 100 follower book giveaway.

My chocolate follower contest is always open with new drawings every month and a gift card option for international entries. You do not have to be a new follower to comment and spread the word on social media. No trick about it, just treat!

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