Bestowing another Versatile Blogger Award

I already posted 7 random facts about myself  here: when I received my first two Versatile Blogger Awards. The award rules are in the same post. Then I received another and added it  to the first two. But with 3 awards, I couldn’t find enough random facts, let alone blogs I considered deserving at the time.  I finally did find one.

I figure that deserves a couple more random facts so here goes:
I joined the Air Force with my husband right after we got married. We were the first from our state to enter as a “Join Spouse” team, similar to the buddy system. After training, me as a supply specialist and him as an Security Policemen, we were stationed at Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana. Our first house cost less than our last 3 cars. That’s enough about me.

Now on the the award. It’s taken me awhile (almost a month) to find another writer whose blog jumped out at me and said, “I’m a versatile blogger!” Well, Nick Rolynd is a full time student who still managed to pull a whole bunch of ideas into coherent SF story arcs and write some great poetry and create a book cover.

I can’t even say Calculus without having nightmare flashbacks and going into a stupor. So I’m awarding Nick the Versatile Blogger Award. Somehow I think this fits better than the Irresistably Sweet Blogger. What say you, guys? Gotcha. Check Nick’s profile and you’ll see female. Like my sister Charlie’s nickname, it’s misleading. So hop on over to Nick’s blog and give her some support. She’s gonna need all the help she can get to stay positive with such a workload.

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