Artemis Fowl: The Time Paradox Book Review

Here’s one more in the Artemis Fowl backlog of reviews leading up to the final installment. This one I hadn’t read previous to obtaining the Netgalley version. Aside from the distracting formatting, which was awful, the book itself was good.

The Time Paradox (Artemis Fowl, #6)The Time Paradox by Eoin Colfer

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I enjoyed this installment of the Fowl series more than usual because of the way it displayed Artemis’s character development over the years. I liked the addition of the twins and seeing how Artemis shouldered the blame for his mother’s magical disease that was his fault by traveling back in time to undo the damage he did to the only cure, an extinct lemur he sold to extinctionists.

The relationship development between him and Holly was fun, something I wondered about but thought wouldn’t happen once Minerva came on the scene. Whatever happened to her though? It would have been nice to find out. Between facing his younger immoral self and the extinctionists and Opal Koboi, and finding a little romance with a younger Holly, Artemis had his hands and heart full. It was nice to see other characters while younger and/or still alive.

I always enjoy the twists and turns of Artemis’s genius mind, but the time travel added to that. And the end was full of those, a mountain of clues piled one on top of another, burying the last secret. Let’s just say Artemis found something Foaly couldn’t and we’ll probably meet Opal again. You’ll see what I mean after you read.

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