Amazing Animal Kingdom Series… Reviews of Horses and Dolphins

Happy Monday everyone! Lauri here with my very first review! I’m excited to tell you about two great non-fiction books I read—“Horses” and “Dolphins” from author Emma Child’s “Amazing Animal Kingdom” series. She also graciously agreed to answer some questions about her writing. So, without further ado—on to the reviews!
Dolphins need no introduction; most of us are familiar with their “smiling” faces from aquariums and water shows. But, did you know that up to one thousand of these intelligent mammals can live together or that their brains are the second most powerful in the animal world? In “Dolphins”, author Emma Child presents these and other interesting facts in a fun, kid-friendly manner.
Child begins with a general description of what dolphins look like, where they live, and what they eat. Once the reader has a basic knowledge of these principles, the author delves into more complex topics such as echolocation and communication. New vocabulary is defined when introduced, and is often used in context.
We, as readers, learn a wealth of information about dolphins. Child writes in an up beat, engaging way that appeals to her target audience.
Horses—what can I say? Horses are one of my favorite animals; as an avid rider and amateur horsewoman, I thought I knew just about all there was to know about these animals. However, I was mistaken. After reading Child’s book, I learned not only that horses have two-hundred and five bones in their bodies, but also that the Norwegian Fjord pony is often used in pony rides due to their docile temperament. My daughter also found this very interesting, and as a matter of fact, she is now lobbying for a pony of her own!
The author’s enthusiasm for her subject is contagious and several times I found myself smiling while reading. She intersperses questions throughout the text—something her target audience finds pleasing and relatable. In this book as well as in “Dolphins,” the author is consistent when defining new words (excellent for a children’s book). It’s a real trick to educate and entertain, and I feel Child has done an admirable job of both.
On to the author interview—I asked Emma Child several questions pertaining to her writing. Her answers give us an intriguing look into the mind of a writer.
First, what inspired these books/this series?
As a child, I always dreamed about having a lot of books about animals. I spent my entire childhood with animals. Peaceful life and my lovely children inspired me and I began writing this series.
When did you start writing?
It’s all started one morning when I woke up and had my coffee in the backyard. I always had a desire for writing. I wrote during my school days but it was more for myself not for public. After that the kids came and writing simply faded into the background. When the children grew up I realized that everything I taught them about animals could be put on the paper.
WHY did you begin writing?
The answer is simple. I was fascinated by nature and inspired by love for animals. I wanted to make my contribution to the education and entertainment of children.
What other books have you published?
Amazing Animal Kingdom Series is the first series that I wrote. So far I’ve written books about Sharks, Snakes, Dinosaurs, Horses and Dolphins. I’m planning another very interesting series, but let it remain a secret for now.
Would you like to tell our readers about your WIPs?
I am currently writing my sixth book in ˝Amazing Animal Kingdom Series˝.
What do you feel is the easiest part of writing?
The easiest part of writing is to write about what you love, in my case it is about  animals.
The hardest?
There is nothing too hard if you give all your positive energy into something that you love doing.
Give me one fun fact about yourself.
Emma Child has ability to hold her breath for a long period of time (more than 2 minutes). (Lauri’s note… two minutes is a LONG period of time. I tried it just now and was gasping for air after 45 seconds!)
I’d like to thank the author for her time and patience in answering my questions.
Emma Child is the author of Amazing Animal Kingdom Series. She has always been fascinated by nature and inspired by a love of animals. Writing is her passion. Many of the ideas for the books came when she’s walking, gardening and talking with her children. Her goal as a writer is to create books that entertain and educate youngest readers. She lives with her husband Christopher, and her three sons, Michael, Matthew and Jacob.
You can find her books online at

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