7 Randumb Facts & Two Awards!

Lil ‘ol me earn a Versatile Blogger award? Well, I never.  Actually, I did. Half of me wants to hide under the bed like I did as a very shy child. The other half wants to jump up and down and shout—lookee heuh! Can ya’ll hear my southern accent? Wait, I don’t have one. I’m a Florida transplant. Anyway, due to traveling and limited internet, I put off picking up the award for almost two weeks, just long enough to get another.  Now what to do? Combine the two.  Never say I’m not practical, even if I am practically crazy. So first I want to thank Bridget Straub and Lady Gwen both for the versatile Blogger award. Please take a look at their blogs if you haven’t yet. I love how Gwen came to like her name, and Bridget’s daughters are a hoot. Update: Would you believe I got it again from Laura B Writer, along with the Irresistibly Sweet Blog award? She’s digitally challenged, clock-wise, and has the directing part of number 6 below in common with me. Thanks, Laura! 

Here are the rules for receiving and awarding these awesome blog awards. Anyone who accepts is asked by the person selecting them to do three things:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post. *check*

2. Share 7 things about yourself *check*

3. Pass this Award along to 5 recently discovered blogs and let them know about it! *uncheck* I had this halfway checked until. . .  really, Bill Gates. Couldn’t you wait? Note: One of my Versatile Blogger Awards says pass to15 blogs. I think I’ll stick with 5 each, for a total of 15. So I owe 5 more, if can ever find 5 deserving blogs that don’t have it yet. 

I won’t bother apologizing for turning the 7 random facts into an “about me” page with even randumber explanations. My name isn’t Mary but I’m still contrary that way. 
1. I’m a non-practicing artist/ fashion designer. I started drawing Dinosaur people around first grade and worked my way up to realistic people by fourth grade. In high school, my unrequited crush on Warren Beatty made me choose his picture to rip in half and draw his dark side in charcoal. Well, he deserved it for not loving me back, but my high school art teacher made my portrait of into a poster to use in his lessons. I designed my best friend’s wedding dress and many costumes over the years, including those that won a Star Trek convention costume contest for me, hubby and our oldest two sons when we were stationed in Alaska with the USAF.  Now I don’t even sew on buttons if I can help it.  I’d rather write.

2. I’m a practicing reader. Art lost out to my love of reading. I got hooked on fantasy/SF at age 9. I give the most credit to Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings even if I hid under my bed reading about the ring wraiths riding past the ditch bank. Next credit goes to Asimov’s I Robot . I finally got the school librarian to let me check out adult level books in 5th grade. Score! I’ve been scoring books ever since. 
3. I’m an experienced geek. As a child I made “experiences” with mom’s expensive toiletries which led to my BS in Clinical Laboratory Science, specializing in microbiology and computer science with a minor in chemistry. Motherhood was my longest awaited experience and most explosive. Toilets exploded, floods from plugged shower drains, lawn darts in the half-empty swimming pool. 4 boys. Go figure. Even now my experiences are mostly the frustrating kind, like fixing my broken appliances to prove I can. Grr!

4. After the birth of my youngest child, I found out I had osteoporosis and didn’t dare sit around reading anymore.  So I studied horticulture. I spent hours working in the yard to create floral and edible landscaping. Outside I grew loquats and jelly palms and daylilies big enough to eat while inside I grew dust-bunnies big enough to eat me. I can still tell you what grows best in Florida’s panhandle if I use my eat cheat sheet.  
5. With TMJ, my jaw locked shut for three years. Maybe I could never talk and chew gum, but I could read and walk around the block.  Too bad I couldn’t also walk around my writer’s block.  That’s a bad joke. Walking actually unblocked my brain and I starting inventing stories.  I haven’t suffered from writer’s block yet, unless you count getting lost choosing between so many potential plot twists and turns. I like creating stories even more than reading them.
6. I love music and have a decent alto voice but forget to play music.  I had a habit of singing whatever songs church choir was practicing to myself, my cats, or anyone around even before I got stuck directing. The passed director is in Heaven, laughing her head off at the way I can’t coordinate both arms. Hearing me trying to hit an F is like hearing chalk screeching down the chalkboard.  Sarah Brightman isn’t jealous. Kermit the frog, maybe.
7. I’m a practicing Christian (emphasis on practicing) member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  To a Mormon, God and family should come before everything else because both are necessary for eternal happiness. So why is this fact last on my list? Because few of you would have read it if I listed it first. Made you read! Now you know me well enough to realize Mormons can enjoy life and having fun.  Now that I’m done with the fun of child rearing, I’m ready to have fun writing full time. 
There you have it, most of my life in a nutshell.  I’m the chocolate-coated nut wondering why 7 facts. Maybe creativity has something to do with the number 7.  Oops, was that another fact? I left out a few nutty things about me, to keep you wondering.
And now for passing the award on. Thank you again, Bill Gates, for shutting down my computer to install updates before I saved the 9 links to winner’s blogs. Yup, that’s all I found so far that didn’t have this award already thanks to Rachael Harrie’s excellent Platform Building Campaign. I give up. I’m going to bed.
Wait, I remembered one blog link. The others can wait until whenever.  
http://byannabanks.blogspot.com   She’s a very gifted new author. I’m not guessing. I critiqued her work before an agent and publisher snapped her up like, well, snappers!

It’s tomorrow and I never did find all the same links. The first 7 are the same, 1 lost:

http://gsstillwell.blogspot.com/Fellow humor campaigner. What can I say? He’s funny.
http://windycindy.wordpress.com/Another humor campaigner who feels like a twit trying to keep up.
http://theresjustlifeyaliveit.blogspot.com/  Humor campaigner who loves chocolate too, woo-hoo!
http://acleverwhatever.blogspot.com/   Fellow humor campaigner who does covert cover art!
http://robonwriting.com/  Rob’s child died of SIDS. He’s got great ideas to help your cause.  
http://scottswrittenwords.blogspot.com/A good cause and good self-pub advice.
http://bonnieborrow.blogspot.com/  Southerner in my SF group, brave enough to quit her job!
http://www.tekaranlady.blogspot.com/Also in my SF group with serialized SF on her site.

If you read this and think you might have been the lost link or just think you deserve this award, let me know.  Not you, Mr. Gates. I’m not that desperate. Just give me a hint who else was on the list. Please? I don’t have the stamina to find another 5 bloggers. Another day. 

For those winners who already posted facts for another blog award or blog tag, don’t feel obligated to post a whole other batch. Combine like I did, link back, and I’ll be happy!

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  1. Thanks for the award…no thanks to Bill Gates. Since I love Kermit the frog, I am sure I would enjoy your singing. By the way I am another Alto…though I tried very hard to be a soprano as a kid. Then I gave up and just sang the boys parts.
    Chocoholics unit.

    Pamela Jo

  2. I’m glad you dropped by my blog to say hi, or I never would’ve discovered your great sense of humor. Glad to know you. I’m following, etc. now. Thanks for your follow, too.

    BTW, I totally get why #7 is #7. I do it too.

  3. And you have two more awards on my blog today!

  4. Oh my! I can’t believe your jaw actually locked shut – that’s so awful. I’m so grateful mine never got that bad. The click is annoying, and I have really bad headaches sometimes, but three years with a locked jaw has to be a nightmare.

  5. As an atheist, I have to say (to you and Barbara) I would have read on if number 7 had been number 1. I prefer to measure people by the way they act, rather than what faith they follow (or don’t). Some of my best friends are Christians. There are some things we don’t see eye to eye on, but the world would be a sad place if we only reached out to those who were exactly the same as us.

  6. Thanks for the award! I’m blushing. But, I want to really thank you because I learned alot searching for other bloggers to give the award to, not to mention a lot about myself when racking my brain trying to find 7 facts about myself…whew!

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