7 Moon Circus, $50 Amazon Giveaway, + 50 teacher copies!

Sher here, calling all book lovers and teachers of tweens! I’m happy to present:

 Seven Moon Circus
“The Adventures of a Wild Boy in a Space Traveling Circus 
 by Randy Morrison


Please take time to read my 5 star review here.
I loved Seven Moon Circus so much, I asked Randy back, and he’s offering

 5 awesome prizes to US/Canada residents! 

Four autographed copies of the Seven Moon Circus paperback trilogy!

Grand prize:
  One autographed copy of the Seven Moon Circus paperback trilogy
and a $50 Amazon gift card
How awesome is that? VERY!

BONUS! The author wants to give away as many as 50 free copies of the first book of the trilogy to full-time teachers! This giveaway is in addition to the official hop giveaway, and there’s no random chance about it. Books are to be shipped early next year on a first come, first serve basis to verified full-time teachers who email the author and whose school websites meet the criteria following the giveaway form near the bottom of this post. It’s not part of this hop, but a separate giveaway with a sweet deal for spreading the word. Hop giveaway entrants can win an extra entry for referring a qualifying teacher!

These great prizes are part of the Debut Author Giveaway Hop hosted by Mary at BookHounds and Kathy at I Am A Reader. Cool shoko candy! (better than beans. It’s chocolate in Seven Moon Circus lingo)


The Wild Boy has no idea what a human may be . . . much less that he is one. But then a human family of animal experts from a space traveling circus spots him from their hot air balloon. When the land in the Cloud Forest to investigate, he drops from his home in the trees and befriends them. Soon he must choose between the only life he’s ever known–living with wild animals– and his only chance to live with his own kind. His fateful decision draws him into a human world of circus freaks, daring stunts, space ship adventures and . . . the battle for power over all of Empire Luna.


“A space circus that travels around the home planet and 7 moons, what a wonderfully fun setting! The author does a wonderful job of getting you hooked in the first chapter and keeping you hooked. There is so much for the imagination. I loved reading about the different circus acts and soon after, being on edge while space ships shoot at each other.” (N Golding)
“I am a fifth grade teacher and I gave this book to 2 girls and 1 boy from my previous class. All three of them loved it! They stated that it was exciting and pulled them in from the very beginning. They couldn’t wait for the continuation of the series. . . . This book would be a fantastic addition to any library. Adults would like it as well. I certainly did. It is fast-paced fantasy with a truly villainous antagonist.” (S Despain)
“A friend gave me this book to read. At first I was hesitant because I don’t read young adult books, but I was hooked after chapter one. It’s delightful, entertaining and written by an intelligent author. Mr. Morrison took me on an adventure to alien places, animals and people. I felt like I was flying over the moons with the characters. All the young readers I know will be receiving a copy of this book for Christmas.” (M K Peterson)
“The author creates a beautiful and believable fantasy world full of adventures, danger, creatures, kings and queens, and fun. I am a teacher and I would recommend this to any of my students.” (A Pedersen)
“Epic Win – That’s how my eleven-year-old son describes it. The story is full of fantastical characters, over-the-top adventures and battles that will keep kids turning pages long after their bedtime.” (Ali B)
“What if Tarzan was found in the jungle and brought on an interstellar journey throughout the stars. Seven Moon Circus by Randy Morrison is the first trilogy in a larger series. It is a fantasy adventure book about a wild boy who is picked up by a traveling space circus. The edition I received had the first three books in the trilogy in one. I’m glad it was an omnibus because each book builds on the previous and the cliffhangers leave you wanting to know what happens next. I definitely think this book will find an audience. Children ages 8-12 will likely enjoy the adventures within these pages.” (P Tierney)
“There are so many middle-grade books out there that it’s difficult to sort out the good ones from the clutter. This is a good one! It’s really well written with an exciting story to boot. It has plenty of action and great characters. Fantastic for boys and girls, both.” (K Fish)


Seven Moon Circus  paperback is three complete books in one volume, including:
Book One — Escape From Verdanta
Book Two — Rings of Baraboo [after the circus museum in Baraboo Wisconsin]
Book Three: The Battle of Crestival
You can buy a copy of Seven Moon Circus paperback trilogy from Amazon, currently discounted to $8.96 plus shipping and handling, or you can buy a customized, signed (autographed and dedicated if requested) copy directly from the author for $9.95 including shipping via media mail by emailing sevenmooncircus@gmail.com.
Ebooks will be available as separate titles early in 2014.

Author Bio and Links:


Randal Morrison, known to friends and young readers as Randy, was formerly a rock and roll disc jockey on the radio mostly in Chicago and Denver. He is now a lawyer who specializes in First Amendment litigation  and an author of fiction for young readers. A native of Utah who spent part of his childhood in Australia, he now lives in Southern California with his family. He is a member of SCBWI, the Society of Childrens’ Book Writers and Illustrators. 
Contact: Randy Morrison welcomes comments and questions on Seven Moon Circus. Send to P.O. Box 531518, San Diego CA 92153-1518

OR email to: sevenmooncircus@gmail.com

Website: www.7mc.com — includes the entire Educator’s Guide, Shane Watson’s painting of the quagga, and the first few chapters of the book.

Team links: Randy Morrison did things the right way. Take a look at his expert team:

Editor Deborah Halverson:  www.deareditor.com
Illustrator SC Watson: www.oreganoproductions.com
Educator’s Guide by Grace Nall: www.teachingseasons.com
Interior design by Greg Smith: www.gsmithdesign.com

Circus logo by Bill McCloskey: www.thewondershop.com

So are you ready? Time to enter the Rafflecopter form for your chance at Seven Moon Circus and a $50 Amazon Giftcard.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Now here’s the info I promised for teachers who want a copy of Randy’s first book FREE!!!
I’m quoting him with a few non-pertinent parts removed as follows:

“For full time teachers, I’d like to offer a free copy of Seven Moon Circus / Book One (not the trilogy version). Max number: 50.  First requested, first delivered. Only one teacher per school. The school must have a publicly accessible website (no passwords required); the website must list the teacher by name and grade (or subject) taught. The Book One freebies will be sent out shortly after New Year 2014.
“… teacher requests [should] come straight to me via email at: sevenmooncircus@gmail.com.
“Teachers who request the free copy of Book One (Escape From Verdanta) will receive both the book and the Common Core Educator’s Guide, a four page, full color guide to creating lesson plans and exercises. Anyone can view and download the Ed Guide here:

It’s Sher again. More information for teachers is coming in another post.The link won’t be live until next Monday. Meanwhile, I hope you remember to refer a teacher and get the extra entry. See you soon!

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  1. I would read this with my 8 yr old son.

  2. I would love to read this book to my nephew. he’d love it. Follow NetworkedBlogs as Lisa Brown
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com
    Thank you!

  3. I would read this book to my nine and 10-yr-old children. They would love it. I am following as Michelle Willms; michelle_willms@yahoo.com.

    I would love for either/or Ms. Taylor (3rd grade) or Ms. Graves (4th grade) to have a chance to win the books for the classroom. They are both outstanding teachers forced to teach in less than stellar circumstances. The school is in a very rural area and is on the watch list (and has been for years) for math, science, and sometimes reading. It is very frustrating. Having access to wonderful, engaging literature would be such a godsend.

  4. I would love to read this with my 9 year old daughter, this also sounds like a great book for her school Sherwood Heights to have.

  5. Scott Carpenter Middle School

    I also will probably read with my daughter at some point :-). She is loving book land! Thanks

  6. Thanks so much for sharing this. Sounds like a fascinating tale. Love to find these as I always refer them to my daughter who teaches 6th grade. Cheryl Hop Hostess

  7. I would definitive read this to my 7 year old niece! My niece and I bond over reading and it has definitely brought of closer (I love her).

  8. I’m not a teacher, I just like reading great books! This definitely sounds like one of them… Thanks for popping it on the Kid Lit Blog Hop, Paul 🙂

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