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Okay, writers and authors, I’ve made a little progress organizing a tweet exchange since I posted the cross-promotion idea. All tweets will be tweeted daily for a full week if you post them ahead. Until the list grows big enough to preschedule, tweets will be tweeted for however many days remain before next week’s tweet exchange post. You can add two tweets in your comment, one for the rest of this week and one for next week. 

I found a hashtag nobody else is currently using #AWTE (author writer tweet exchange) so I’m ready to test the process. Until I collect enough tweets to split the genres, all authors may post tweets and links to their site except adult rated sites. I’m a children’s writer and maintain a family friendly blog.

I have yet to make a new blog button so please be patient. But I do have a linky list ready for your site link. Part of the idea is SEO (search engine optimization) so if you want to tweet a book, put both the ink to your website (whichever page or post you link to mine) and the book sales link in your tweet. In your blog or other site, include a backlink to my post and the linky code if your host allows html. Open the HTML button and then paste it in.

If this works and gets big enough, I will need volunteers to host other genres besides children’s, which means two backlinks, one to my blog and also a genre host’s site. It’s good for your site’s search rankings too. Even better if you volunteer to host. If you do you will need to post once a week for your genre and make your own genre specific linky list. That’s assuming I ever collect enough tweets to split the genres, but I’m planning ahead.

Here are the tweet rules:

1. Compose and test your tweet on twitter: 140 characters max, but under 125 allows RT’s without cutting off. Include the hashtag #AWTE (*see note on genres below). I will be checking your tweets. The deadline to be included in my post list for next week is 24 hours in advance of the tweet exchange post.  My post will include a list of all tweets verified to meet the rules. No fund-raising to publish your book, no adult rated sites, your site links to mine. 

2. Place your tweet for this week and next in my comments under this post. I will add verified tweets for this week into this post in a list. Next week’s tweets will go in next week’s list. Also in the comments, tell me your day preference for the tweet exchange to start. The starting day of week may change by majority preference. Late addition tweets for next week can go in comments under next week’s post, but no guaranteed tweets.

3. Agree to spend a minimum of 10 minutes each day (a minimum of 10 tweets) for one week tweeting the other tweets in the next tweet exchange blog post list. If there are more than 10 minutes worth of tweets, then do one batch one day and a new batch the next until you reach the end and start over again. 

4. Choose an hour of the day (in eastern time, not mine but easy to remember)and state it in your comment so everybody doesn’t tweet at once. You may schedule tweets in advance using Hootesuite if you can’t be at your computer to tweet during your time slot. Nobody will shoot you if you can’t tweet during your chosen hour, but do tweet sometime each day. Participants, please help me monitor so I can delete any tweet from a writer who misses 2 days of the week. 

5. Sign up on the linky list for this week’s tweet exchange. Refer back to paragraph two for the reasons. You may sign up with your homepage if your backlink to my site will remain there the full week. Otherwise you should add your permalink (exact post link). If you make a mistake, delete it and redo it. The ability for you to delete is why I used Inklinz.


You may add two more letters to the hashtag #AWTE for genre, i.e. CH for children’s general, and another two for subgenre like PB for picture book, ER for early reader, CB for chapter book, MG for Middle Grade, YA for Young Adult. For adult (not adult rated) genres, use NF for non-fiction, RO for romance, TH for thriller, HR for horror for now. 

I’m not sure if Monday or Friday would be a better day in general but I have a Kindle Fire giveaway post scheduled for Monday so this is it for now. Suggestions and help welcome.

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  1. Should they make the genre a separate hashtag? (ex: #AWTE #RO) Or will a search bring AWTE up no matter what’s tacked onto the end?

  2. I just typed in #mglit to see if #MGlitchat came up. It didn’t, so nothing longer than searched for will show. However, shorter hashtags will show, so if someone searches for #AWTERO, #AWTE will show. Separate hashtag #RO brings up other things, so we’ll need to use and search by the full #AWTERO or #AWTECH, etc., once we have enough tweets to add separate genres.

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