When you remember that day

  At the risk of baring my soul to strangers and non-Christians who may take offense, I nevertheless felt compelled to compose my own memorial and warning in honor of those who died on September 11th, 10 years ago, and in honor of those who have died defending our country’s freedom before and since.  If you think you’ll be offended, I suggest you leave now. Otherwise, so be it. I love humor and wordplay, but this is a more important side of me. Without the freedom my country guarantees, my playful side would likely wither and die. I promise this will be my last poem for a while.
When You Remember That Day
When you remember that day— nine one one,
Are you still shocked by the evil done?
Think how you felt at first hearing the news;
Did you deny those terrible truths?
Did you feel helpless, wondering too late,
Why none foresaw that preventable fate?
Then did you burn with anger and fear,
Seeing the true depth of evil brought here?
Sharing your grief with those you love, 
Did you pray for help to God above?
Did you pledge allegiance, throw fear aside,
To sing your country’s anthem with pride?
Honoring others who conquered their fear
By joining our troops, though freedom’s bought dear;
Then did you too soon get comfy with life,
Business as usual, far from the strife?
Growing impatient with justice, in time
As memories faded, burying the crime;
Then did your patriotism wax cold,
Weary of setbacks, death count untold?
Now is the time to remember that day
For evil, though hidden, is here to stay.
Do nothing, see nothing, be evil’s pawn,
Dare you sit back while terror goes on?
What should you do? It’s not mine to say
I only know Christ has provided a way.
Through His love, some may turn the right way,
Though zealots may never see reason nor sway.
When Satan runs rampant, sure in disguise,
His wicked lies often fool even the wise.
Yet God in his infinite goodness speaks true;
By their fruits you will know his messengers too.
So kneel down in prayer. Ask Him what to do.
And pray for the strength to carry it through,
For serving Him softens the hearts of men,
Defeating Satan to bring peace again.
This painting was done by Ray Sorensen II on a real rock in rural Iowa in 2010. Please take a moment to go to the Freedom Rock website and see the paintings for every year since 1999.

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  1. This was beautiful. I love those who took part in this very memorable day. There were a lot of tears shed, but together, as a country we came together. That is what’s most beautiful.

    Fabulous blog. I love the mountains in the background… that’s very moving! I look forward to future posts!!

  2. This is beautiful. We should all share such things for this occasion. I love it.

  3. A beautiful poem, Sher. Thank you:)

    P.S. I have a blog award for you over on my site:)

  4. Hi Sher. I found your blog from Rachael Harrie’s campaign blog, and am now your newest follower, so:

    Nice to meet you!

    This was a lovely tribute. Thanks so much for sharing.

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