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Independence Day means a lot to me. Because of my husband’s military service, I’ve visited and lived elsewhere long enough to deeply appreciate the blessings of freedom guaranteed by our American constitution. Returning from the Philippines during the regime of Ferdinand Marcos, I felt the proverbial urge to kiss the ground as I stepped back onto American soil. It’s not an exaggeration to say I felt overjoyed to come back home. 

Needless to say, I’m worried about our current government doing just what Marcos did. But today I will focus on my gratitude for the blessings of freedom and for those who serve to protect that freedom. From a retired military wife and mother, may God protect all of you who serve our country, along with your families. Enjoy your time together while you are able because you don’t know how much remains. 

Time is funny in that sometimes it seems to rush by and others it drags. But can it break or bend? Or even change? Have you ever wondered what might have happened to the USA if something kept our founding fathers from declaring our independence or writing the Constitution? That’s the question Ethan Coffee’s main character asks in Fables of the Flag. He gets sent back through time to help Ben Franklin and then George Washington through some dangerous situations so they can go on to become the patriots who established our country.

Here are the covers, and the author is graciously giving away 5 sets of 2 Kindle e-books to celebrate the launch of Fables of the Flag, The Surveyor’s Tale.  

The blurbs and entry form are in two previous posts, the book launch and giveaway post along with a few questions for the author and his main character, Jack Preston. 

If you don’t see the post with the giveaway below this one, please comment here before you go to the giveaway here

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  1. Lovely heartfelt post Sheryl. Have a Happy 4th.

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