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I’m on a mission to reclaim my time for book writing. I posted a speed-reading test so I can learn to read books faster, and I added an author hosting page to save on blogging time. Next comes decreasing time spent on other social media. 

Twitter can eat a large chunk of time in what seems like a little peck, so I decided to start there. I also want to use my twitter time more effectively to promote children’s writers and literature. So here’s my question. How many children’s writers up through YA would like to participate in a weekly tweet exchange blog post as a means of cross promotion?

Rules would be simple:

1. Compose and test your tweet on twitter.

2. Place it in my comments on a given day, say Monday each week. (Tell me your day preference in the comments.)

3. Agree to spend 10 minutes tweeting the other tweets in my comments each day of the week during an hour of your choosing. State which hour you will tweet (in eastern time, not mine but easy to remember) so other tweeters can pick another hour. If there are more than 10 minutes worth of tweets, then do one batch one day and a new batch the next until you reach the end and start over again. Nobody will shoot you if you can’t tweet during your chosen hour, but do tweet sometime each day.

4. If you see flaws with this plan or think it will help you too, speak now or forever keep your tweets in one basket. If you’d like to tweet this plan, please include my handle, @sherahart, and I’ll RT. If you want to follow me, here’s my twitter profile page link. I will give this idea a few months to generate interest before I give up, so keep tweeting if you want it to happen. It won’t take very many participants to generate 10 minutes of tweets per day.

If writers of adult literature want to take part and are willing to volunteer your blog as host for a particular genre, please say so and put your blog link in the comments. Just give me credit for the idea and a link to this post so children’s writers who see your post will know to come here.

Now on to the Magpie & Dilly giveaway, R.M Wilburn’s latest book, open through 6/19/2012. If you haven’t yet entered, you should read the character interview and you’ll want to enter. Oh, and my box of books and chocolate giveaway is open through 6/20 before it closes and a new monthly giveaway opens. Click the tab at the top and if you don’t win this time, come back next month and try again. I have loads of SF/fantasy books that need a new home. 

One last thing, I have a real Amazon store you can go through to buy pretty much anything you want except adult only stuff. If I ever make a penny, it will go to funding my giveaways. Thanks for visiting and don’t forget to comment!

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  1. I don’t write children’s, but I’ll make a suggestion… If you’re going to do something like this, consider scheduling tweets ahead of time with a service like Hootsuite.

    I can schedule a day’s worth of tweets in minutes. Seconds, if I already have them saved. Each participant could be assigned a time frame, or all of you could choose different portions of the hour (quarter past, half past, etc.) as your times if you wanted to sprinkle your tweets throughout the day. I can’t speak for Tweetdeck, but the free version of Hootsuite lets you schedule tweets in five-minute increments. Good luck! 🙂

    • As a matter of fact, I do use hootesuite to schedule tweets but not often. It would be ideal for this purpose. I think the more writers who blog this, the faster we’ll get started. If you’re willing to host a romance genre author tweet exchange, you can either post this as a guest post (I’ll send you the html code) or just write your own post and link to me and I’ll link to you.

    • Okay. I re-read. Here’s my 2c…
      The only flaw I see is having to seek out an copy all the tweets. If we’re trying to save time, then it would be nice if they were either sent in an email or typed in one place we could go to and copy the tweets with one click and drag. And, of course, the method of going about this depends on how time-sensitive the tweets are.

      An even better idea might be to create a unique hashtag. Hootsuite allows one to make streams (feeds) by keyword (ex: #amwriting), and Twitter allows one to search by them.

      If we added a specific hashtag to our tweets that was unique to our group, all the participants would have to do is make a stream of that and click retweet as the tweets scrolled through. That’s even faster than composing all the tweets. You could even have different hashtags for the different groups/genres.

      I think you should also consider making a blog hop button for participants to post on their blogs. You could make one linked to a page on your blog with the guidelines. And I think those guidelines should include that any link put in the tweets is vetted and assured not to contain anything objectionable. (You’d have to decide what that was.) That way we could re-tweet anything with the given hashtag and not worry about where we were sending our followers. Currently I vet anything I retweet before tweeting it.

    • This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I’ve been checking out variations on #ate (author tweet exchange) with genre added but then you get #rate or #ater for Romance. No good. So I tried #awte (author weekly tweet exchange or author writer tweet exchange) and didn’t find any tweets with that hashtag and longer variations wouldn’t be needed.

    A linky list with a blog hop button sounds like a good idea if we get enough interest to need more than a few blog hosts. I would exclude adult sites because I write for children.

  3. Hey Sher! Saw your comment on Twitter. So it would be similar to Triberr? We Tweet each person’s post/Tweet? (And I’m a member of two tribes on Triberr but no idea how to invite anyone…)

  4. Okay, I’m following you on Twitter now.

    Your idea sounds interesting, but I don’t have enough experience on Twitter to know how easily this can be done. I’ve been on Twitter for a while, I just don’t tweet very often.

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