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First off, this blog is about writing while traveling, not travel writing, although it does’t exclude travel writing. It seems my life is more and more about traveling. I love visiting family and seeing new places. I don’t love getting there.

There’s nothing like cramped legs to make me cranky. So I end up walking the aisles of a plane, putting my feet up on the dash of the car or taking up the whole back seat to stretch out. What does this have to do with writing? A lot. I write every second I can spare, including while traveling. It’s hard to concentrate if I’m not comfy. So I’ve learned a few tricks to make the experience bearable. Then I get a lot more writing done.

I wear my traveling pants. These are not my best looking pants. They’re the stretchy ones with a little extra room. They look a little baggy when I stand up, but it’s worth the extra comfort when I’m stuck in a sitting position for hours. I also dress in layers to allow for the wide variance in temperature in cars & planes. 

I wear slip-on shoes and minimal metal. Who wants to untie & tie shoelaces while trying to unpack the laptop and get everything else onto the belt to go through security? I don’t wear a belt with a metal buckle or much jewelry. It’s not fun making the security machine beep and having to go through multiple times. Except for my RNA medicine, which can’t go through the X-ray machine, I put my quart size baggy full of liquid & gel toiletries in my checked bag to decrease the security hassle. It’s bad enough getting patted down without security sniffing my shampoo too.

I include supplies for one day in my carry-on bag and stow it by order of access. If I get stuck overnight, I’m covered. I pack basic first aid, including decongestant so my head doesn’t explode when landing. My snacks include chocolate because I’m sure I would die without my minimum daily requirement. My favorite carry-on bag is a rolling backpack with lots of individual pockets. Even my laptop, which isn’t small, fits inside, with my small purse and all my valuables, including jewelry. I found out the hard way, baggage handlers steal. Airlines take no responsibility for theft of items stowed in carry-on bags, so make sure your carry-on fits in the overhead bins or under the seat.

I take memory foam. I can’t sleep on hard Hotel mattresses. So I cut an inch think memory foam mattress topper to the width of a standard pillow, made a case for it from a sheet, and I take it along to make the bed softer. If I’m traveling by plane, I roll it up to make a standard size pillow and stuff it in a case which fits in a large carry bag with a handle. It counts as my personal carry-on item. I can actually sleep with this thing, unlike a tiny neck pillow. If my connections are tight, its faster to stash my laptop in this bag than my backpack. I don’t travel far by car unless hubby’s driving, and then I use the pad folded in half as a seat cushion.

I take power sources for the trip. My old laptop took 2 batteries for one 5 hour flight, but my phone would last 3-4 days without charging. Now it’s the opposite. I pack an extra phone battery for my android, but my new laptop lasts 6 hours so I don’t need an extra battery for it. I bought an inverter for the car with a house and usb plug so I can use my laptop all day. I take a high-gain usb antenna for my laptop to use where wifi isn’t within easy reach. Even in hotels with wifi, this comes in handy if we get a room too far from the office.

I have more travel writing secrets but not more time. I need some sleep. If you have secrets of your own that make writing while traveling easier, please share. They shouldn’t be secrets.

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  1. I wrote this weekend using a minilaptop in the car while driving 4 hours to WI and back. It was not fun – well the writing was fun, but the cramped driving/writing scenario, not so much! You sound like a traveling pro!

  2. I agree, getting there is a pain, but can you imagine what it must have been like before our modern modes of transport? Crazy uncomfortable! Looks like you’ve come up with several solutions. Cool. 🙂

  3. Sounds like you have it all under control! Great post.

  4. Wow! You really travel prepared. I like the memory foam idea. I hate hard mattresses, too.
    But my wife can’t sleep on too soft a mattress. (We call our arrangement “marriage”) Ha.
    I just wish someone would come up with luggage large enough to hold my muse.

    Great, and informative, post!

  5. These are the best travel tips i have. You have covered practical points that could help reduce the stress levels significantly. Great post.

  6. I think I now have laptop envy. Mine only lasts 2 hours tops.

  7. Writing while travelling is really a great experience of exciting. This give a opens space to think innovative. Excellent post.

  8. Writing while travelling is really a great experience of exciting. This give a opens space to think innovative. Nice post.

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