Tough Times for Publishing, but not for Tommie Lyn

Local author Tommie Lyn, who I know from ECW critique group, gave an excellent presentation on self-publishing at the Emerald Coast Writers’ monthly meeting this week. Her blog (click on the pink link) has the trailer for her latest book. Since the trailer for “…and night falls” won the REC Best Author Made Book Video for July 2010 on the New Covey Trailer Awards, I listened carefully and took notes. One thing I learned is that an author makes better money self-publishing than with a small publisher. So I might as well start learning to use the tools she said we would need.

Of course I can’t give up hope of getting accepted by a big traditional publisher when I’ve only submitted to 2 agents. But my hope was low before the meeting. Afterward, it grew and shifted direction. Even though I’m bogged down trying to get teens to review my book to see if they like it (and change the things they don’t), I now have something positive to do towards the ultimate goal, getting published.

Now I’ve almost finished catching up on a huge financial project, I expect within a week to get back to doing what I like most, writing another book. Because Tommie Lyn just helped me over my biggest concern, the negative image of self-publishing, the whole urge to quit has gone away. If self-published authors are making better money than those who go with the small presses, who cares what other people think? The people who buy are the ones who matter. If they see quality, they’ll keep coming back for more. And Tommie Lyn’s readers see quality.

I visited her website,(yes, click on whatever color text shows) where she posted some of her short stories. You should too. Happy reading!

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  1. Why on Erth wouldn’t you have any hope prior to that meeting? Good grief, your writing is amazing! Two agents and you’re considering self publishing (though I agree, it’s just not as taboo as some make it out to be). What is the Erth coming to???

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