Princelings of the East Blog Tour ~ Hosted by My Family’s Heart

BOOK INFORMATION TITLE – The Princelings of the East SERIES – The Princelings of the East AUTHOR – Jemima Pett GENRE – MG/Fantasy/Scifi PUBLICATION DATE – November 2011 (paperback June 2015) LENGTH – 158 Pages/ 37,300 Words PUBLISHER – Princelings Publications COVER ARTIST – Danielle English Hi, everyone! Paul here …

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5 Girls Book Reviews Blog ~ #Childrensbook, #middlegrade, #YA book reviews!!

  So I came across a great person who just happens to have a great blog through a really good friend of mine. What is he talking about you ask? Hi, everyone. Paul here today. Okay, I know, a little more detail is necessary. I have an author friend, Paulette …

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Lionel Goes to Camp is Available in Paperback!

    Createspace *** Amazon *** Website   Hello, readers. Paul here today. I’m not sure if I ever announced the fact that Lionel’s Grand Adventure: Lionel Goes to Camp is now available in paperback. Things have been so hectic around here, I might have forgotten. My new full time …

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#Kidsbook #Book #Review ~ Soaring up to the Clouds, Not Knowing Jack by Ann T. Bugg

Hey, everyone! Paul here today. I’m bringing you my review of my friend and fellow author’s children’s book, Soaring up to the Clouds, Not Knowing Jack. This is book #5 in the Before Happily Ever After Series. You can learn more about Ann and the series by visiting her website …

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International #Authors’ Day #BlogHop 2015

  Hello, everyone. Paul here today. I am pleased to bring you the International Authors’ Day Blog Hop hosted by my friend Debdatta at bookr3vi3ws. Debdatta is a prolific blogger (and a good friend) as well as a great friend to readers and authors all around the world. My task …

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