Summertime, and post-surgery living is NOT easy

Hi, all, it’s Sher tonight. Another scorching summer day went by with me doing nothing about book blogging. I do have an excuse though: 5 months of throwing up since a surgery to repair my hiatal hernia went wrong. Now I throw up instead of just having reflux, and an upper GI test revealed that my food sits at the bottom of my esophagus and drips very slowly into my stomach, not fast enough to prevent me from throwing up.  So I’m spending half my days trying to eat and most of the rest trying to keep my food down unsuccessfully, and I keep losing weight. Friday I’ll have a second procedure to stretch the opening of my stomach, and I doubt it will work much better than the first, especially considering there’s vagus nerve damage involved.


Image credit goes to a Wikispaces classroom I didn’t know existed, but it’s free. The vagus nerve controls a lot of different bodily systems, and the damage is why my digestive system is all messed up. My last EGD (don’t know the long version) revealed that my stomach wasn’t processing the food I ate, so they put me on meds to increase motility. I’m pretty sure that problem is at least partially fixed. Not so the throwing up. The surgeon said he stretched my stomach opening to 15 mm, plenty big to get food into it, but somebody forgot to tell my esophagus. And that’s not the worst part.

Complications due to vagus nerve damage include violent bouts of nausea and throwing up plus diarrhea I thought were due to food poisoning or some terrible virus at first, but these episodes kept happening when I’d eaten nothing unusual. I can’t eat much of anything at all, so I went searching the internet and found out that vagus nerve damage happens something like 10 percent of the time following the type of surgery I had plus other surgeries. This is probably more than you ever wanted to know about me, but I want other people considering hiatal hernia surgery to know all these complications I wasn’t warned about.

Bottom line: I traded a molehill (reflux) for a mountain in the form of dysphagia and gastroparesis due to vagus nerve damage, plus an opening too small for my food to reach my stomach. Whoopee-not! From now through the month of August, please contact Paul R Hewlett for any review requests.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you come back when I feel better.




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