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Hi, all, it’s Sher today with a long overdue post about literacy and how you can help. A month ago, Grammarly invited me to post on World Literacy Day. Sad to say, I was starving at the time, throwing up everything I ate. After 6 months of this, I was waiting for corrective surgery and wasn’t in shape to post. I am happy to report that the surgery succeeded. Even though I’ve had a couple of setbacks, I’m starting to regain some weight and strength. The main thing is that I’m alert enough to post, and I can think farther ahead — or in this case, behind. When I saw the empty slot on my calendar, I remembered the invitation, so here’s the infographic Grammarly asked me to share:

Literacy Day
Now, what can you and I do? Grammarly’s literacy post by Brittney Ross suggests a couple of literacy charities along with checking on opportunities to volunteer as a literacy coach at your local  library. Some counties have adult education classes, and I can’t think of any school that wouldn’t love to have classroom tutors or reading group leaders. Whether you have more money than time or the reverse, it’s not hard to find people who want to learn to read. You can even find ways to teach reading through churches.

In Florida, a big chunk of the population needs help reading English even though they are literate in Spanish. Teaching reading is a great way to change lives for the better, so please consider donating your time and/or money now to help people improve their ability to support themselves as adults. Then you won’t have to help support them later. It’s that whole teach a man to fish idea…



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