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Hey guys! It’s been a while, but I’m back! Today I’ve got a review of Princess Janai and the Warrior Maidens of Quinu: The Cities of Tonga and Tongia.  Overall, I’d give the book three out of five stars. There are many things that I loved about the book, from the writing style to the story itself, however there were many times it left me craving something more. Keep reading to find out more about the book and author, see my review, and learn about the rafflecopter!

About the Book

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All Janai wants is to be just like everyone else. Being the Princess and having to try out for the Warrior Maidens is just part of her problems. She has the present Warrior leader unhappy with the fact that she is trying out, because that means her time is almost up and she enjoys her “status” too much to give it up without a fight. Not to mention someone just froze two of her guards into living statues with the fabled Mist Flowers of Tonga. Now she and a small group of warriors must travel to a forbidden city and obtain the antidote before the two guards are lost forever…all in 24 hours. Is she capable? Will she make it in time?





I’d like to start off by saying I loved the story. The tale of a warrior princess and her followers on a journey to save their guards, and the trials they faced kept me enthralled. With each turn of the novel, the group faced a new trouble they had to overcome. I especially loved the background stories the author, Sherel Ott, included. Within one tale, we hear many stories that all teach the reader lessons, while adding to the story.  I was always excited to hear the next story, the next problem.

Sherel Ott’s writing style reminded me strongly of fairy tales we grew up reading. The way Ott tells her story brings me back to the stories I heard as a child. The writing, however, is also where my problem with the book comes in. While I really enjoyed the style of writing Ott adopts, I think her book could have been much better with a read-through and edit. I found many grammar issues: punctuation errors, misplaced modifiers, word usage errors, etc. The multitude of errors in the book distracted me from the story, and pushed the tale, and the fairy tale idea the story goes for to the back.

Sherel Ott created a wonderful world that is the place of fairy tales, and, in her writing style, strengthens the feel of a fairy tale. The lessons learned in her book and the stories she tells are all wonderful stories. However, I found myself wishing many times over that a little more effort had been put into editing the book, as the mistakes really took away from the story.

About the Author

DSC_1557 Headshot2aAn eclectic collector of animation movies, Sherel Ott is a writer of fantasy and romance stories. One day while watching an animated movie, she noticed that there weren’t a lot of movies or books with girls of color in leading roles…as heroines, adventurers or with strong moral characters and wondered… Where were the influential leaders, doctors, lawyers or royalty of color? Why weren’t there any strong black female characters where a girl of color could be proud of her skin color and the type of person representing and say … “I want to be like her!” Wanting something more for her own nieces to look up to and strive to emulate, other than what girls of color were currently being portrayed as or should settle for is how her book initially took form. She wanted to show that there are black princesses, warriors, adventurers of all walks of life. That she should be and can be recognized for what she does and who her true self is, not be prejudged by what color her skin was.

As a fan of all fantasy, magical, mystical, celestial and other worldly creatures, Sherel began reading sci-fi/fantasy stories at a young age.

“I have always been a sci-fi and fantasy type of person. I always felt as a child that I belonged in those types of worlds rather than here. Reading them had always been my way of escaping from my shyness as a child.” Sherel Ott. She had started collecting fairies of all types and now has a mini collection of collectible faery ornament to decorate her Christmas tree every year.

Sherel creates her stories first by writing them out and then typing them on the computer. She feels she gets her inspiration greatest when she writes and from nature itself. She strives to present her stories in a way that anyone can relate and identify with no matter how old or young…with a little fun, a little action/adventure, yet with a hidden message. Writing since the age of 14, her first published book–Adventures of Princess Janai and the Warrior Maidens of Quinu: The Cities of Tonga and Tongia — brings a story of strong African American females. It’s an adventure series particularly geared towards girls, although boys will also find it an enjoyable read.

When Sherel is not writing, she is working as a full-time Family Nurse Practitioner and has been so for the past 17 years. She presently resides in Felton, DE.

Contact Sherel Ott

Website  Facebook  Twitter:  @SherelOttAuthor

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  2. Thank you Krista for hosting me today. And thank you for the wonderful critique. I will follow up on the editing issues that you have discussed. I am glad that all in all, you enjoyed the book. If you or any of your readers have any questions…please don’t hesitate to ask.

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