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It’s that time again. Not fall. Not Thanksgiving either, although I’m thankful for writers like Scott Bury who donate a part of their book profits to charity. Did you guess it’s RABMAD time? I love that acronym, so dangerous sounding. Yet it’s really as far from dangerous as you can get unless you’re a reading addict who would never sleep and might even starve to death if someone else didn’t snatch the book from your hands long enough for you to eat and sleep. Yes, Read a Book, Make a Difference, or RABMAD, authors are that good. I’m probably going to mention that R.S. Guthrie’s Black Beast has a bunch of 5 star reviews in every Sunday service post because he came up with the idea for the RABMAD site that showcases authors who donate a portion of book profits to charity. Go ahead, click the link to see all the awesome writers and their causes. But come right back to read about today’s featured author.

This author gives 100% of his book profits to Children at Risk, an autism charity.

Meet Scott Bury. And here’s his bio from

Scott Bury is a journalist, editor and writer living in Ottawa. His work has been published in the Ottawa Citizen, Applied Arts magazine, Marketing, The Financial Post, Business 2.0, Macworld, MacAddict, Canadian Printer, Studio and several other magazines.

He has two almost-grown children, an orange cat and a loving wife who puts up with a lot.
I did my best to make that bio strawberry red, for good reason. Scott’s children’s story is titled: 

Sam, the Strawb Part 

Amazon Product Description:

What happens when a thin boy dresses as a pirate, attaches a jolly roger to his bicycle and starts to hijack strawberries?

When the pirate starts handing his booty over to poor children, the people take his side. But the evil fruit monopoly doesn’t take kindly to pirates. They hire the notorious pirate-killer, Commodore Tiberius J. Swinkill, to hunt Sam down.

Thus begins the epic chase across Canada. It’s broken bicycle against a sailboat on wheels in a chase for the hearts and strawberries of the nation!
This swashbuckling tale of fury and fruit is for children, parents and everyone who loves strawberries, children or pirates.

Author Scott Bury will donate all proceeds from the sales of this story to Children at Risk, a registered Canadian charity that supports families and children with autism spectrum disorders. 

Now go on over to Amazon and check out the great reviews for Sam, the Strawb Part. How could you not buy this book when the entire 1.99 goes to Children at Risk?

You can also follow Scott’s blog at 
He’s looking for reviews of a novel opening and has a guest post by Becky Illson Skinner about increasing sales of the written word. You do want to increase your sales right?

On Twitter, you can follow Scott as @ScottTheWriter.

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  1. How awesome! I think it’s fabulous that they share some or all of their profits with charity! I’m going to go check it all out. So glad you shared this and “thanks Scott!”

  2. Wow. 100% of profits! That’s impressive. I’m a mom of two with autism. Thank you. = )

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