One of those days?

Hey, all, it’s Sher here. I had one of those days today. Here it is, late at night, and I haven’t posted. I’m way behind schedule. I didn’t read anything in a book. I haven’t even posted a review for the last book I read. Instead I answered calls and texts for hours this morning and got nowhere by lunchtime. Then I paid bills. Oh, joy. Who wanted to read anyway? It can be dangerous….



If I had spent this morning reading, I wouldn’t have finally gotten a long overdue haircut that made me feel and look better. Besides, my lack of reading allowed me to enjoy the sunshine while feeding my chickens. Even though I had to rush, things didn’t seem so bad when a rooster bit me. He’s a new guy, and he’ll learn not to bite the hand that feeds him. Still not reading, I founda hen with a runny nose. Gaa! Shejust got over being sick, and I spent about an hour getting her set up in my isolation area again, but this is minor compared to her last illness. She was happy to eat dinner, and the other sick hen also ate well, much improved from yesterday. See? Okay, maybe not “see” because it was already dark by then. Still, things were looking up even if I couldn’t see anything, let alone a book, because I forgot to take a flashlight outside. I don’t like “dark” books anyway.

Never mind that I didn’t have time to take a nap either. Instead I ordered some furniture sliders to make moving heavy furniture around much easier when I convert a bedroom/office back to a guest room before my brother’s visit next week. Sure, I had to answer more emails. One was a query from a writer who wanted to join my now defunct local critique group. Another reminder that I’m still too sick. Sigh. Bottom line: having “one of those days”could aggravate anyone who lets it. I didn’t let it. Yea, me!

That’s progress,especially without a good book to calm my jagged nerves. So I didn’t have an attitude of gratitude, but I will by the time my head hits the pillow. Thanking God is the best way to make me grateful for blessings and challenges alike. I already have hope. Another day I’ll finish chores earlier and get to post earlier. And maybe I’ll even get to read a book!

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