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Noah Zarc – Mammoth Trouble

Noah Zarc attracted me because of its fun pun name, and its environmental theme appealed to me. Reading it reminded me why I fell in love with SF in 6th grade. If I had read this book at age 10, I think it would have made me love SF just as much as reading Asimov did. If you like the non-stop action and humor of Rick Riordan’s Olympians books, I think you’ll also like Noah Zarc. 

This book is a blast, figuratively and literally, from the beginning when 12-year-old Noah Zarc blasts off to the future to escape a blast from the past. Since he can’t walk, he flies from one misadventure to the next, all to try and help his family repopulate Earth with animals from its past. In Noah’s future, all humans live on Mars or Venus while Earth recuperates from the cataclysm that made it uninhabitable.

D. Robert Pease has a great ability to make me believe in and root for his characters, showing a real knack for the interactions of Noah and his siblings, a brother and sister, and parents. They all have talents suited for their jobs in operating the cool technology that makes the Arc possible, including time travel. Noah’s mom and dad lead the project but leave the teens on the ship while they gather animals.

The Zarc project has enemies and the family does too, yet the Zarc siblings rise to the challenge when both project and family are threatened. They make a trip to the distant past in a rescue attempt, only partly successful, but I won’t say why. I will say Noah’s best talent is his piloting skill, and one source of trouble is his new friend, a girl who’s a lot less like a cave girl than he expects, plus a big challenge to the paradox of time travel—past affecting future.

Without giving too many spoilers, let’s just say very little goes as planned. I expected a few things to happen, like an adolescent crush (and another event that’s a spoiler), but most of the fast paced plot left me anxious to find out what would happen next. A certain movie came to mind, but I won’t say which, only that terrible secrets are revealed and lives are threatened. 

Noah reacts like a 12-year-old, unpredictably. He doesn’t let his handicap stop him from attempting anything, although I wondered how a medical cure such as neurological regeneration (vs. a technological cure) hasn’t been found so far in the future that humans live much longer. Then again, this is only book one of a series.

I can’t reveal the ending any more than I can reveal the many twists and turns along the way, except to say you’ll be surprised by much of it and mostly satisfied with the ending. Even though it leaves more unanswered questions than I like, it’s not enough to take it down to 4 stars because I think the author left things unsettled on purpose, partly to make me anxious to read the next book.

I couldn’t help but picture the author with a longer beard, a little more hair on top, and a flowing robe, herding animals onto the original Ark. Think how hard it would be lead a pair like this up a ramp and onto a ship. 

Noah’s family had even more difficult pairs to get on the spaceship than ever boarded the first Ark. How do you suppose they got the whales into the spaceship and then from the docking bay into the tank? How did they get all that water on board and how much did it weigh?

Okay, I’ll stop asking questions and present you with a game. Yes, I said game. When was the last time you tried loading an Ark? Would you recognize a male and female pair if they walked up and bit you? Don’t worry, these don’t bite, and the game takes under 2 minutes. I tried it twice just so I could convince you to stop and enjoy something most of you haven’t done for ages if you’re like me. Busy, busy, always working. Just tell yourself this is brain exercise, because it is. Ready? Go!

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Cheetah Online Games – Free new online games AV Arcade There now.  Isn’t brain exercise fun? And there’s more fun to come in the form of multiple giveaways, mine and Robert’s, with separate prizes. One of Robert’s contests has a $50 Amazon gift card prize for a comment about this post, and I could win $50 too if my blog collects the most comments of all the book tour blogs. But don’t stop there. Enter his Goodreads contest to win the book and my YA contest to win 2 books. My giveaway is sponsored by Kathy of I Am a Reader, Not a Writer, and Amber of Down the Rabbit Hole. To enter, use the Rafflecopter form below.  The winner gets my gently used copy of Noah Zarc – Mammoth Trouble, and another YA of his or her own choice from my collection.  That’s three separate contests with three separate prizes, but I combined one of my entry options with Robert’s so you get more chances without doing more work. Way to dovetail! I don’t know why males seem to be contest-phobic. If not, prove me wrong, guys. I dare you! a Rafflecopter giveaway To enter Robert’s contests you need to read the blog tour notes. Win books on Goodreads and a $50 Amazon gift card for a comment about this post. Catch it while you can!

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Noah Zarc: Mammoth TroubleOVERVIEW Noah lives for piloting spaceships through time, dodging killer robots and saving Earth’s animals from extinction. Life couldn’t be better. But the twelve-year-old time traveler learns it could be a whole lot worse. His mom is kidnapped and taken to Mars; his dad is stranded in the Ice Age; and Noah is attacked at every turn by a foe bent on destroying Earth… for the second time. Get your copy today by visiting (available in paperback or as an eBook) or the online retailer of your choice (more links below). CASH PRIZES Guess what? You could win a $50 Amazon gift card as part of this special blog tour. That’s right! Just leave a comment below saying something about the post you just read, and you’ll be entered into the raffle. I could win $50 too by having the most comments. So tell your friends to stop by and comment on this post too! GIVEAWAY Win 1 of 5 copies of the paperback version of Noah Zarc: Mammoth Trouble by entering the giveaway on GoodReads. D. Robert PeaseTHE AUTHOR D. Robert Pease has been interested in creating worlds since childhood. From building in the sandbox behind his house, to drawing fantastical worlds with paper and pencil, there has hardly been a time he hasn’t been off on some adventure in his mind, to the dismay of parents and teachers alike. Also, since the moment he could read, books have consumed vast swaths of his life. From The Mouse and the Motorcycle, to The Lord of the Rings, worlds just beyond reality have called to him like Homer’s Sirens. It’s not surprising then he chose to write stories of his own. Each filled with worlds just beyond reach, but close enough we can all catch a glimpse of ourselves in the characters. Discover ways to connect with the author by visiting his site at BOOK TRAILER THANK YOU! for visiting. And don’t forget to comment below for that chance to win the $50 Amazon gift card. And of course head on over to your favorite online book store and buy a copy of Noah Zarc: Mammoth Trouble, for you or for the kids in your life. My previous post has my 500 follower giveaway for a whole box of books and chocolate, so please enter that one too. Amazon Paperback | Amazon Kindle | Barnes & Noble Nook | Apple iBookstore | Smashwords | Diesel eBook Store | CreateSpace Paperback | Amazon UK | Amazon France | Amazon Germany

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    Best wishes for 2012 and with your future writing:)

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