Need for Speed: See how fast you read!

I haven’t thought of how fast I read in years. Then I came across this test and found out it’s not fast enough to excel at business. I’m just a little faster than the average adult. Slower, if I’m tired. Considering the fact that writers need to read as well as write, any extra time I take to read will therefore take away from my writing time. I guess that means I should take a speed-reading course.

 ereader test
*Well, that’s embarrassing. Staples decided to discontinue their test, so I’ve placed a couple other links at the bottom of this post. You can take the tests without paying for the software, and take more than one to see how they compare.

I probably won’t pay for the software since I already dovetail my time. I walk while I read and I’m sure not going to start running around the block. There’s a limit to what I’ll do for my craft. Ruining my knees is out of the question. Yeah, I know. Bad reasoning because it would take fewer laps to finish a book. Just let me do a little rationalizing, please. 

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Now for the reading test links, which I just tried so I know they both work. They’ll open in a new window so you won’t have to hit the back button to take the next test:
7 Speed Reading Test
Speed Reader X Reading Test

Next time I’ll post some speed reading techniques. Before you go, please tell me how you did on the reading tests. It only takes a few minutes to try. Also let me know if you found any problems in my Facebook Rafflecopter form. Thanks and happy reading!

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  1. The link didn’t come up for me. That’s ok; I know I’m a slow, slow reader. I read every word. I know I should learn to skip to major concepts, but I like words. I like to swish their meanings around in my mind for a while. I know that means I read fewer books than I should, but I also remember most of what I read.

    I know a few book readers that go through maybe 3 books a week, sometimes more. When I ask them what they read, they don’t always know. They don’t always even remember a title and certainly never remember the author. The overall opinion is “I liked that book” but they have no clue what it was about, specifically.

    I have to admit though, it would sure make life easier for me if I could just skim a page and get the general idea and be done with one more book off my reading list 🙂


    • Thanks for letting me know the link didn’t work, Donna. I called Staples and they said theirs didn’t work anymore. Duh. So I searched and posted a couple tests that do work, at least as of now. It was interesting to see that taking one test after another from different websites made me test faster each time. Some gave clues about the methods, and I found more info elsewhere, so next time I’ll post the techniques.

      I really like what you said about swishing the words around in your mind. That may be why I’ll never be a fast reader either. Thanks!

  2. I’ve always considered myself a fast reader based on observing people around me, but I was only 15% above average. Of course, I spent most of the test worrying about whether I was really reading at the speed I normally read at. I’d like to see what I score when I didn’t know I was being tested.

    With that said, I still don’t plow through books like I used to before I began writing. The only time I read is at night in bed for about fifteen minutes each night, which doesn’t translate to many books per year.

  3. Well I hopped over to the Amazon store and I think the primary products I buy are of course ebooks, so I definitely went to the section on $3.99 or less and got myself a new treat 🙂 Moon-Ache by Erin Irvin; not a lot of reviews, but the synopsis is intriguing to me 🙂

    On the issue of speed reading I am a bit torn. I read primarily for pleasure, so speed is not really a factor, I just want to enjoy the book. However, there are times when I need to read something in a hurry and at those times I suppose it could be of benefit, although if reading for accuracy speed reading is definitely not my way to go LOL I hopped over and took the “7 Speed Reading Test” and they told me I read 226 words per minute, which sounds really fast to me, but I do not know what it really means 😉 Thanks for the interesting post today.

    The raffelcopter seems to be working fine.

    • Hey, Denise! Thanks for buying a book through my site and for trying out my Facebook giveaway. You’re the first to tell me it works.

      I’m as torn as you are about speed-reading. I tried it with an ebook and it took the fun away, but reading a textbook or other material I have to learn, it would be a great benefit. I should try speed reading Of Poseidon by Anna Banks because I have the physical book, but I get so involved I forget. It’s an awesome book, even if I helped edit the first 6 chapters. I’ll put that up for grabs pretty soon. Woot!

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