Lauri’s Review of “Spiders” and “Dinosaurs”

It’s Monday again… and here in northern Florida it’s a very stormy Monday! Lauri here, with two reviews. This weekend, I read two more books in the “Amazing Animal Kingdom Series” by non-fiction author Emma Child. First on the docket—“Dinosaurs.”
As a mid-level reader, this book excels in presentation of facts, ease of reading, and number of illustrations. I especially like enlarging the pictures—one of my “beefs” with Child’s books was the size of the illustrations. Now, you merely double click on the photo, and it enlarges. If your device is touch screen compatible, you can use your thumb and forefinger to zoom in further. It’s a nice feature!
Child’s enthusiasm for her subject comes through page after page, and I enjoyed the read. My ten-year-old nephew saw what I was reading, grabbed my iPad from my hands, and sat down quietly and read “Dinosaurs.” After he was finished, he followed me around saying, “Did you know…”  “Wow, this is awesome,” and “do you have any other books like this?” I’d say that’s a ringing endorsement from Child’s target age group!
Since my nephew was in a learning mood, I pulled up the next book… “Spiders.” 
I have to be truthful… spiders scare the living daylights out of me. I can appreciate them in nature—but once they cross the threshold into my house, they are doomed. I have my pest control guy on speed dial for a reason.
However, I swallowed my fear, and read this book. Much to my surprise, I learned some interesting facts about spiders, and, more importantly, I gained an appreciation for their place on our earth. My nephew has developed a new fascination with the creatures as well, much to my sister’s chagrin. He’s even contemplating a tarantula as a pet… and trying to convince my sister to get him one. His argument… the tarantula was first found near the Mediterranean Sea and is named after Taranto, Italy. Since we’re Italian-American, this is clearly the pet for him. Judging by my sister’s expression, my nephew has to come up with a better reason if he wants a spider as a pet.
Child teaches the reader that spiders aren’t to be feared, but to be respected. Most spiders are harmless, but it’s good to have a working knowledge of the poisonous types, and where you might encounter them. I enjoyed reading “Spiders,” and know that this book will appeal to middle grade/elementary school readers. 
Have a great Monday!
Emma Child is the author of Amazing Animal Kingdom Series. She has always been fascinated by nature and inspired by a love of animals. Writing is her passion. Many of the ideas for the books came when she’s walking, gardening and talking with her children. Her goal as a writer is to create books that entertain and educate youngest readers. She lives with her husband Christopher, and her three sons, Michael, Matthew and Jacob.

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  1. I have a niece who loves to read about animals, nature and science. These are perfect for her.

  2. Dear Lauri,
    Thank you so much for your wonderful reviews. I am glad that you and your nephew (Per favore, salutali da parte mia) enjoyed the books.
    I appreciate the time and effort you put into reviewing my work.

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