IWSG: Who’s writing for the anthology?

Hi, it’s Sher today with the Insecure Writers Support Group.  Alex J. Cavanaugh shared some big news for our group, an anthology contest! See below:


The IWSG Anthology Contest is open until November 1. For details – http://www.insecurewriterssupportgroup.com/2015/09/iwsg-post-day-and-special-anniversary.html

You MUST post for either October or September to be considered for the anthology!

Our co-hosts for October are:

TB Markinson https://tbmarkinson.wordpress.com/

Tamara Narayan  http://www.tamaranarayan.com/

Eva E. Solar   http://lilicasplace.com/ 

Shannon Lawrence   http://thewarriormuse.blogspot.com/

Stephanie Faris  http://stephie5741.blogspot.com/



A lot has changed since last month when I was waiting for surgery to fix my stomach so I could eat without throwing up. I was very insecure about that since I’d been throwing up for over 6 months due to a botched hiatal hernia repair. No more. I’m happy to announce that my surgery was successful for the most part. I’ve only had 2 bad episodes since my birthday/surgery day. My vagus nerve had been caught in my stomach wrap, and although the surgeon freed it, apparently, taking the pressure off wasn’t enough. But I hope it heals soon, and except during those 2 episodes, I’ve felt much better. I’ve even regained a few pounds on a  high-protein diet. I’m eating soft foods now and can hardly wait until I can eat steak!

So one insecurity down and a bazillion more to go, right? Like…should I try to write a story for the anthology when I’m still spending most of my time eating, catching up with chores I couldn’t do when I was too sick, plus dealing with sick chickens and hatching chicks? Maybe not. My wagons are still circled because the attack isn’t quite over. And let me tell you, I’m protecting my chickens because I love them, not just because their eggs are helping me heal and regain my own strength.

So, I’m chickening out this time.  I don’t think chickening out is always a bad thing. In fact, it might be the best way to live and write another day. Sorry… can’t stop the puns.

Never mind. Just tell me, are you writing a story for the anthology?


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  1. I really want to enter this contest, but because of other writing obligations, there might not be enough time to put together a strong entry. We’ll see. Glad to hear your stomach problems are resolving. That bad experience sounds dreadful.

  2. I’m not entering either. I considered it for a while, even came up with an idea for a story, but then the situation with my job came up and put me too far behind to try. Maybe next time.

  3. Glad the surgery went well! I can’t imagine barfing for that many months.
    Sorry you won’t be able to contribute to the contest.

  4. That sounds terrible! I’m glad it seems to be improving now. I’d say do what you can and get back to writing once you’re feeling up to it and have caught up. I hope healing goes well.

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