IWSG: Stones aren’t free

Hi, it’s just another emergency at our house. We have them on a routine basis. First, big thanks to Alex Cavanaugh and IWSG for supporting writers, and that is free. The stones cost a lot, but before I explain, here are the links to November’s IWSG co-hosts:

Joylene Nowell Butler, Jen Chandler, Mary Aalgaard, Lisa Buie Collard, Tamara Narayan, Tyrean Martinson, and Christine Rains!

Well, if you didn’t get the hints above, the stones that aren’t free are kidney stones, not jewels. They’re not even my stones, but they cost me many hours a day because I have to drive my hubby to the ER, doctors, work, wherever he goes when he’s on pain meds. October was pretty much a loss as far as me making progress on writing, editing, finaces,etc. I did lots of dishes, woohoo! But they just reappear, so I can’t call washing them progress. Hubby’s kidney stones reappear too, but at least the last procedure knocked a bunch of them free. They became rolling stones…bad joke.

November’s Question: What is your favorite aspect of being a writer?

Invention.  Inventing new ideas, new worlds, new characters or anything else motivates me.

Given that I rarely have time to sit longer than it takes to pay the bills, I invent a lot of things in my head. Few of my ideas ever make it to paper, let alone the word processor. Nor do they have to do with writing right now–they focus on chickens, making better nipple waterers, nesting boxes, etc.

Most of my chores don’t leave time for inventing new ideas anyway, but sometimes necessity requires invention.  For example, when two chickens died this month, I discovered one parasitic worm had become resistant to our usual deworming medicine given in the water. After I confirmed the type of worm (gapeworm) via microscopic exam, we had to start treatment over with another medicine that can’t be given in the water. Each bird had to take medicine by mouth. To keep track of which birds we gave medicine, my son put them in the next run with bigger birds. I thought it would be fine because they’ve been together before. In about half an hour, we finished the group, then opened the gate between runs. Two pullets (young females) didn’t move. They were huddled together, and one died as we tried to give her water. CPR failed. Hours of chores later, that’s where my mind is stuck. Was there a better way to tell which birds we’d done? I’m sure there is, and to me finding a better way is a necessity, the mother of invention. I’ve already thought of two, but maybe your idea is better.

That’s more than I wanted to write because I have a sore throat and earache, and I’m behind on dishes, of course. I’m also behind on an editing job because the Windows 10 anniversary update broke my travel laptop, a convertible tablet. All those hours of tech support finally got me new drivers, but every update since has rebroken the touchscreen, so I can’t edit while waiting in the ER or doctor’s office.  And now you know why I won’t be visiting many blogs again this month either.


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  1. Sorry about your husband’s kidney stones, all the extra care and driving that meant for you, and all the dishes. I, too, find myself doing lots of dishes. Here’s to November being filled with words and wonder!
    Co-host Mary at Play off the Page

  2. Hmmmm… I didn’t know kidney stones could come back, at least not so soon. You’re getting to be quite the chicken expert.

    I’m having trouble trying to find time to write also. A little bit here and there. Just enough to show some progress but not enough to satisfy my impatience.

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