IWSG: No break for me.

IWSG is a great support for writers. It’s just not my highest priority today. I’m not even sure it’s safe to add links to Alex J. Cavanaugh and the Insecure Writers Support Group site. Why? As I write this, I’m doing another malware scan with another security plugin because I got hacked. Again. Days after the security firm I hired to clean my site told me it was clean. I knew it wasn’t because I could still see the “hacked by…” message whenever I previewed a new theme. I asked the firm to keep searching. So I wasn’t surprised when I got online to write a post Monday and found a new “hacked by…” message.


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My almost-16-year-old cat is sick. Tonight I found out that a rooster I sold a few weeks go is sick. Ack! I’m still sick more days than not. But I’m going to specialists to figure out what’s going on. Besides the stress of repeated hacking.

2016 is off to a great start. Not. Seems I can’t catch a break, at least not the good kind. If I’m still blogging by next month, I’ll be surprised. Not looking for sympathy, just advice on hiring another security firm — if I should even bother. Does blogging really help my writing or keep me from writing? Do you think it’s worth the time?

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  1. You keep getting hacked? How freaking annoying. I hope your kitty feels better. Mine lived to be almost 17 and she was a sweetheart. Happy writing!

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