IWSG: Insecurities x 3

Hi, it’s Sher today with an Insecure Writers Support Group post. As always, thanks to Alex J. Cavanaugh for leading the IWSG as our Inspiring Warrior Sagacious Guardian. Last month, nobody noticed his new title. Then, one of my biggest insecurities was finding time to write, but I put that to rest with my Chicken Surgeon story.  Now I’m back to the usual insecurities. And what would those be? Ummm…

Insecurity #1: Finding time to write. Yeah. I guess that one never goes away for long.

Insecurity #2. Finding time to format my mom’s picture book. Before she dies, I hope. At least she moved to assisted living last weekend, which increases the odds she’ll stay healthy long enough for me to finish her book. That would be nice since she raised all 5 of us kids alone after my dad died in a car accident before my littlest sister was even born. I’m second from the right, but the picture book is about Wes, the only boy (in the middle), and the Loch Ness Monster.

Insecurity #3. Finding time to study how to self-publish Mom’s book. I know in general, but I need details. Like how to create a fake publishing company, or a real one. Anything that doesn’t scream “AMATEUR!” I don’t need to worry about the art. It’s great. Even the concept art was awesome. Vicky Bowes won us over with her monstrous talent!

I know–all of those insecurities are really about managing my time. All of us have the same 24 hours in a day. But it seems so many other things get in the way of what I want to do, it drives me crazy! In spite of Genesis, Spock’s time ran out. And I know mine will too. Someday. Not anytime soon, I hope…which leads me to…

Insecurity #4. Right, I know the title says I have 3. But those are just my writing/publishing insecurities. I’m also insecure about my minor surgery tomorrow. Just last month, they fixed my nose so I can breathe. I survived. Now it’s time to get my hiatal hernia fixed so my stomach will stop coming up through my diaphragm. It’s a laparoscopic procedure, and I only have to stay overnight one night to make sure I can swallow. But I’m still insecure about a sharp blade cutting me. “Danger, Will Robinson!” my brain screams. Even though I stitched up our chicken and she lived. Go figure.

We won’t even talk about doing taxes…and on and on…

So, what’s your insecurity? Insecurities? I hope I’m not the only one with so many!




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  1. I have three kids. There really isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done. I just plan my writing when they’re at school. It works! I make my hubby do the taxes;-)

  2. First, good luck on your surgery! My mom had that for two hiatal hernias and recovered well. I wish I knew advice on self-publishing to help you. Creating the publishing company is something I’ve been wanting to look into for self-pubbing short stories after the initial publication’s rights have expired. I’m betting you’ll get some visitors who know something about it today!

  3. Good luck with the surgery. My wife had something similar done, so I know you won’t be in a mood to do any writing tomorrow.

    Sounds like learning how to publish a picture book entails just as much work as self-publishing a novel. Good luck with that too!

    • Thank you, Ken. I think I’ve set a world record for late replies. A month is loooong. But I got to your blog earlier today, and that’s something. I think it’s probably harder to publish a picture book just because of all the picture formatting. So time consuming… Arrgh, talks like a pirate.

  4. I get all of those insecurities! Time is the great big worry. How on earth do I think I’ll ever finish the 6 WIPs I’m working on, not to mention getting them published? It can make you crazy–especially, since I’m bumping the Big 6-0 next year. Horrors! But like every worry, you take it one day at the time. Thanks for reminding me, Sher!

  5. Hope all went well with your surgery. Thanks for stopping by and visiting me. Time management seems to be the theme for this month. Yours is the 4th post I have run into, not including mine, that centers around it. Good luck from an IWSG blog hoping friend.

  6. I’m glad you survived your surgery! I’m chicken that way and you’re brave!
    You have a big load on you–emotionally as well! While I am a stay at home mom, I only manage to find time to write when babykins is off to naptime. A lot of the times he takes one so late in the day the kids get home and I’m done. 🙁

    I try to write at night when they are in bed, but they don’t go to bed when they’re supposed to and then I need to connect with my hubby without them. Then by the time he goes to bed, my time is very small for writing.

    I hear ya!


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