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Sher A Hart here, not much farther along in my book than last month. Not much further in ideas either. (One of my pet peeves is reading further for distance or time when it refers to ideas). It seems every time I want to write, there’s a blog post due and a million emails I need to answer. So today’s IWSG post will be brief with many thanks to Alex J Cavanaugh for thinking up the Insecure Writers Support Group. I love having the support of other writers because I don’t get much at home.

Back to battling my insecurities. I took a blog partner earlier this year, and Paul R Hewlett has been a huge blessing to cut my workload. To help us manage our time better, we started a joint Google calendar, and that’s helped us schedule posts and giveaways far better than we could before. If you haven’t tried Google Calendar, take a look. You have to sign in to see it. Once you enter your important dates, you can share your calendar via a simple email invitation.

Before I posted an ad for a blog partner, I added an Author Hosting page to my blog which includes how to create your own promotional post without knowing a lick of html. It’s at the top of our blog along with the most recent page Paul and I wrote, Author Giveaway FAQ. This explains blog hop book giveaways and why authors should enter them to increase readership.  Both pages should help us save time answering the most common questions. It’s win-win!

Later today, Paul will post his 3rd chapter book cover reveal and trailer pre-launch giveaway, so if you haven’t ever done a blog hop book giveaway, you need to check it out even if children’s books don’t interest you. Lionel’s Grand Adventure is a fun fantasy chapter book series, and the latest ebook is a sure fire pleaser for stocking stuffers to go with a Kindle. It does not require Kindle Fire.

Thanks for visiting and please tell me your insecurities too. I bet we have some in common. Until next time, write on!

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  1. You already know all my writing insecurites, Sher, so I won’t bore you with those again. I do know what you mean about keeping up with blog posts and emails when all you want to do is just work on your story.

    I hope to be able to participate in a blog hop giveaway one day. Have to get that book finished first, though.

  2. I love Google Calendar and us it to track events on my blog as well as for my life. I have them privately visible for myself and only the guest blog schedule publically posted on a page of my website. That’s a smart idea to share info about blog hops for newbies.

    • Now I’m going to have to check out how to split a calendar between public and private. I knew you could post a calendar on your blog but didn’t because of that detail. And I expect that blog hop info to save me hundreds of hours explaining because I spent that many before I made it. More a sanity-saving measure than smart, LOL!

  3. I’m so glad you and Paul have connected! And I must check out this Google Calendar thing…

  4. I will have to check out the Google Calendar. I’m in the midst of NaNo and must admit it’s making me get new words on the page everyday. I’m running a little behind in the word count but I’m learning a lot about my writing process too. Keep on writing. You’ll figure out how to work it all in.

  5. Good for you getting organized and taking on a blog partner! I’m sort of clueless about this Google Calendar thing. I signed up for Google Connect, but have no idea about that either. Lol. I find I’m either blogging and commenting or writing. I can’t focus on both; one ultimately suffers. I try to spend Wed. / Thurs. blogging / visiting and the rest of the week on writing.

    Best of luck to ya!

    • Splitting the week like that isn’t a bad idea. But with author hosting on my blog, I wouldn’t like making them wait until a certain day to answer. I think what I need to do is reverse writing and blog management. There’s so much of the latter, I don’t get to the writing. Yeah, that sounds good.

  6. I always wondered what I was supposed to use Google calender for. Now I suppose I know! 🙂 I write every day, and blog in my free time, which means my blog deadlines sometimes go out the window 😀 I wouldn’t recommend taking my advice 🙂

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