IWSG and the future’s unpredictability

Hi, its Sher today reposting the Insecure Writers Support Group post that disappeared during the latest hacking. I couldn’t find the post in my email or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter. If not for the comment notices in my inbox, I’d wonder if I imagined posting. I can’t figure out how to restore the comments, but thank goodness I finally found the post itself on Bloglovin’. Makes me wonder how many other posts disappeared off most social networks.

Now back to IWSG… the rest is history:

Hi, its Sher today with the Insecure Writers Support Group. brainchild of Alex J. Cavanaugh. I finally realized I was posting the old link. Doh! Its fixed now.

The co-hosts for December are Sandra Hoover, Mark Koopmans, Doreen McGettigan, Megan Morgan, and Melodie Campbell!

In case you didnt know Ive been considering giving up on IWSG, Im repeating part of last months post. I spent 6 months throwing up this year, (so) you might understand why Im behind. My biggest insecurity is whether Ill ever catch up on chores, let alone writing. Physically, Im much betterat least no nausea for the last weekbut I dont have the stamina I once did. If I continue to try to do everything, I will fail.

Later, I read about next years anthology only being open to IWSG members, and that gave me pause. Im still pausing. Im still so far behind on farm chores, house cleaning, editing jobs, and finances that I may not write a story next year. Then again, I might. Not only that, but Im up to #87 on the linky list even though I once fell off by accident (I hope I posted the month my name disappeared). After I had to start over, I dont want to lose my place in line. IWSG is like an amusement park in that regard. So please excuse me while I think another month, lol!

Now for the flip side. It stands to reason that every insecurity vanquished should bring triumph. Well, one of my triumphs is being able to eat again. I can swallow without pain; no longer do I feel like an alien is ready to burst from my chest. Whew! And drumroll my food stays down so well that Ive regained 12 pounds! Since Ive also regained the incentive to cook, I volunteered to bake 2 extra turkeys for the homeless at Thanksgiving. I was exhausted by the time we sat down to eat, but every bite was a joy! I am so grateful that my fear of starving to death is gone. Poof!

Now youve heard my insecurities and triumphs, what are yours? Dish, please. I need the inspiration.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your hassles in life. They can be a bummer. And I do understand having gone through something similar myself. But you know. If we didn’t have these rough spots we would not really appreciate the good things that come along. Or the beauty of nature that surrounds us. And when we overcome each little crack in our road. We have that sense of accomplishment and pride in our triumph. No matter how small. but then I’m sure you know all that. sometimes we just need a reminder. And we do appreciate what you do. So let that pause be a long one. Success and Joy to you. Della

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