Happy Veteran’s Day!


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Veteran’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. I love the fact that so many people rally around and support our veteran’s. I love the fact that the brave men and women that have served or are serving in our Armed Forces have this day to be recognized and appreciated.

For those of you that do not know the history of Veteran’s Day, let me provide a little lesson. I feel that is everyone’s duty as an American to know this. Veteran’s Day is an official U.S. holiday honoring armed services veterans. Veteran’s Day is not to be confused with Memorial Day. Veteran’s Day celebrates the service of all U.S. military veterans. As I mentioned earlier it is an opportunity to celebrate and honor the bravery and sacrifice of all U.S. veterans. I realize that the actual legislation does not include military spouses and families, but I do. Trust me when I say that they serve equally as much as the military member in their own way. They are the support system and backbone of much of our great military. Ask any military member that is married and/or has a family and I am quite certain they will agree.

Now, back to my history lesson. Legislation passed in 1938, designated November 11th,”…to the cause of world peace and to be hereafter celebrated and known as Armistice Day.” Then in 1954 after being involved in World War II and Korea, Congress amended the Act of 1938 by changing the word Armistice to Veteran’s. This was influenced greatly by the urging of many veteran services agencies. I’d like to give a quick thank you to the many wonderful, volunteer veteran services that do such great things and keep many traditions alive. This legislation was approved 1 June, 1954, and became a day to honor all American veterans of all wars. In 1968 the Uniforms Holiday Bill gave federal workers a three day weekend by celebrating Washington’s birthday, Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, and Columbus Day on Mondays. Veteran’s Day was then moved to the last Monday of October. This didn’t sit well with many states who continued to observe Veteran’s Day on 11 November. President Gerald R. Ford solved this issue by signing a law on 20 September, 1975 that returned the annual observance of Veteran’s Day to 11 November.

PhotobucketWell, that’s the end of my history lesson for today. I want to thank you all for taking the time to read this. I feel it is very important to know the history of this great day. I also want to thank every single veteran (and their families) of our Armed Forces for the bravery, service, and sacrifice. I love our military and believe beyond the shadow of a doubt the we are the greatest military not just in the world, but in the history of the world. I am sitting her writing this post worrying about my grammar because of them. I’m not worrying if a bomb will explode in the street or someone coming and take me and my family away for no reason. That is because of our military and all the great people that have served.

PhotobucketThanks everyone and Happy Veterans’ Day. I for one plan on heading to Applebee’s for a free diner. Yes, I am a veteran and, yes, I like free dinners. I served in the U.S. Air Force and am very proud of it. My blog partner Sheryl is as well. Here husband is a retired U.S. Air Force veteran and I hope the they have a wonderful Veteran’s Day and I want to personally thank them and all veteran’s for their service.

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  1. I just love the thoughtful gifts my husband thinks of each Christmas : )

  2. Thanks for the good wishes, Paul. Every time I get in an airplane like I will today, I’m grateful for the freedom to travel, one of the many freedoms our military helps us keep. I’m also thankful for the blessing of safety our military provides through they hard work and sacrifice. Although hubby is retired from active duty, he’s still hard at work for the defense department keeping Americans safe. And I’m glad I’ve reached the stage where I can travel with him on occasion. It’s so much fun seeing snow in Utah after all these years in Florida.

  3. a keyboard. my dad bought it for me 🙂

  4. My favorite would have to be a baby doll I received. I still remember her. She was much loved.

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