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We’ve set up this page to help answer any questions you might have about how a blog hop works and the ins and outs of setting up a giveaway. We hope you’ll find this informative and helpful. We’ve tried to answer as many typical questions as we can, but we also understand that we probably can’t answer all the questions you might have. Please read the FAQs and if you haven’t found the answers your looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us.What is a giveaway blog hop and how does it benefit me?

Kathy at I Am A Reader Not A Writer blog hosts a majority of the blog hops we here at Sher A. Hart blog participate in. Here is how Kathy answers “What is a giveaway hop?”

“Simple – Each participating blog hosts a giveaway and then we link up together allowing our followers to hop easily from one giveaway to another. For followers that means lots of chances to win free books. For host blogs it means lots of new visitors and followers.

“It’s a win-win. Of course if you host a giveaway on your blog you can also enter all the giveaways on the other blogs.”

So does Sher A. Hart host the blog hops? 

No. The hop has a host, sometimes multiple hosts, and a separate list of participants. We do not host the hop, we only participate. But we do host your giveaway.

How do you participate? 

We set up the giveaway and the promotion using information the author supplies. We identify a  themed hop that matches the book(s) we are promoting. After that is done we sign up for the hop. Doing so, we become part of the linky list, the list of blog with giveaways participating in the hop.

How will people know that we are in the hop?

Blog hop rules generally require the image of the hop to be visible in your post. The linky list is visible as well. For an example click here. You can see the image of the hop-Dystopian Giveway Hop- is visible at the top of the post and the linky, listing the participating blogs is at the bottom.

How does that linky thing work?

Each linky list has a provider such as Linky Tools or Mr. Linky whose job is to make sure every blog signed up for that hop links with every other blog in the hop. The list is in order of sign ups. Click on any blog name and – Presto!- you go to that blog. Besides the ability for readers to hop from one blog to another to find lots of great giveaways, the participating blogs get lots of new visitors and followers, and the author gets great exposure to new potential readers. You will no longer be fishing for customers in your own backyard!

What does a giveaway involve?

Typically it involves a book or books and time creating and promoting your giveaway. A giveaway can also include gift cards, gift packs, swag, just about anything. We generally set up giveaways with the intent of maximizing exposure for the author. For indies, we like to include two posts during the length of the giveaway. Very few blogs do this. One is your promotion (promo) post of the book(s) and/or eBook(s). The other can be a review or guest post by the author, an author interview, a character interview, or any other creative post you have in mind.

What should a guest post be about and how long should it be?

We recommend writing guest posts about your area of expertise. No one knows more about your book, your characters, your writing style, etc. than you. There are many readers and writers out there that love guest posts and take away valuable information they can apply to their work. A typical guest post ranges from 250-500 words.

Does it matter if I give away an ebook vs. a hard copy?

No. Due to the popularity of ereaders, almost everyone entering to win your giveaway has one. The biggest difference is that ebooks do not include any shipping costs. This is one reason you see ebook giveaways available internationally, while most hard copy giveaways are restricted to US and Canadian residents.

How many copies should I give away?

This is entirely up to you. The main objectives of giveaways are to put your work into a new readers’ hands and get more reviews. We have seen anywhere from 1 copy to 5 copies. The average is probably 1 or 2 copies. But a typical linky list has many book bloggers who like to enter giveaways, so the more books you provide, the more likely a book reviewer will enter and win yours.

How can I help promote the giveaway?

Tweet, share on social media, email your friends and previous customers (you should keep a list). There are generally hundreds of visitors from the linky list, but few comments since people decide after visiting whether your book is within their area of interest. The more you share specific information about your book including genre, the more  targeted traffic will arrive and the more entries you will get. Please subscribe to comments once we send you the link for the post, and answer as many comments as possible during the hop. This will help you create a bond with readers so they want to buy your books if they don’t win.

How do people enter the giveaway and how are the winners selected?

We or you create an entry form, visible on each post, in a site called Rafflecopter. Most hops allow one mandatory entry and some optional entries. No matter who makes the Rafflecopter, our mandatory entry is a blog comment about why the entrant wants to win your book. If we make the Rafflecopter, we pick certain other tasks (follow our blog, share the post, like the author on facebook, follow the author on twitter, etc.) that benefit both the author and the blog. You send us a list of tasks in priority order, and we use as many as the hop allows. If you make the Rafflecopter, the mandatory entry is still a blog comment. You get to pick the other tasks, but remember it’s most important for people to share the giveaway on social media if you want good traffic.

How will I know who won and get the winner my book(s)?

Rafflecopter asks for the entrant’s email address. If we make the Rafflecopter, whichever blog author worked with you will have Rafflecopter pick (via and email the winner. He or she has 48/72 hours to respond with an Amazon account connected email address or a physical address if you are giving away a hard copy. We forward you the information. It is then your responsibility to ensure that the winner receives the prize.

If you make the Rafflecopter, it’s your job to log in to Rafflecopter, let it choose the winner, verify the task was completed for the winning entry, and notify the winner. Don’t worry. Rafflecopter makes it easy to disqualify any winner who didn’t comply with the rules, and you can tell it to pick another.

Will you think I’m dense or stupid if I ask more questions? 

NO! The only stupid question is the one you didn’t ask. First check the author Hosting Page found at the top of our blog because it explains more, including genres we feature and how to make your promotion post for the giveaway. Then if your question hasn’t been answered, please feel free to contact us. You’ll need to do that anyway to arrange for us to feature your book(s).


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