Free E-Books Galore for 200 Follower Gratitude Giveaway

I’m thankful for my followers, so today I’d like to provide links to some free E-books to celebrate my blog going over 200 followers. That’s right, free! These are in addition to the whole box of books you can win in my Counting Books Blessings Contest, part of the Gratitude Giveaways Blop Hop hosted by I am a Reader, Not a Writer. Besides the 1st prize box, I’m adding a 2nd prize winner for my 200 follower celebration, a padded mailer of 3-4 books for US shipping or a $10 book depository selection for international entries.

Yes, I’m late posting. It’s not Friday anymore and Saturday’s half over. I’ve been Christmas shopping. That’s my excuse. So before I show you some of the books I’m adding to those you can choose from among if you win my box of books, I’ll try to save you a little time shopping by providing some stocking stuffer E-books. Or should I say they’re Kindle or Nook stuffers? However I say it, the keyword is free. At least for this weekend, all you have to do is follow the links and download.

Take note that not all are suitable for children, but many are meant for the young or young at heart. I don’t know how long these books will remain free. Some might be free only over the Black Friday weekend in hopes of garnering more reviews to help holiday sales, so if you like a book, please return the kindness of the author and post reviews on Smashwords, Amazon, Goodreads and Barnes & Noble. I’ve set the free E-books on Smashwords link so it opens in a new browser window. You can click it now, but wait until you enter to win my box of books, including my hardback copy of Stephanie Meyer’s Breaking Dawn, Inkspell by Cornelia Funke, and many others.  
Author David M. Brown, an indie author married to Donna Brown of Adopt an Indie fame, is also offering his E-books free for Black Friday weekend with a coupon code. Other forms of the books aren’t free, so follow the correct links in the post and enter the applicable codes. Make sure you do it soon because his offer won’t last long. The links all work the same way. To open the new window, click here, but don’t leave until you enter my contest. Here’s a picture of one of his free E-books. Again, please return his kindness by leaving a review on the sites listed above.
For a chance to win the growing list of books and E-books in my Counting Books Blessings Contest, you should complete the easy instructions farther down. Again, you can win a whole box of books, your choice of 1 hardback and as many of my paperbacks as it takes to fill a medium priority box. Check the last few posts for the hardback pictures.

I haven’t forgotten that I promised to add at least 2 books to my pot in each post. I have tons of older series, not all complete, but some are. Most are well used and some are very old, but all are readable even if the cover is loose or torn. Here’s is one of the complete paperback series you can pick to fill up your box if you’re a US entrant.

I’m reposting a couple pictures of my many boxes and drawers of books from which you can choose, minus a few that went to my last Chocolate and Books Contest winner, Kayla. You can enter that contest through the tab at the top of this blog.There’s a Book Depository option for International followers and another drawing every month. This contest closes at midnight of the 10th and reopens on the 11th, while my Gratitude Giveaway ends Nov 27th.

The books shown here are far from the only choices for either contest, so please ask if you want a particular older SF or fantasy book. I have tons of those and some newer books as well. Here’s a picture of a complete series from another box that would fit in your medium flat rate prize box along with your chosen hardback. 

There’s only 1 more post before the Gratitude Giveaways blog hop ends. Don’t miss tomorrow’s post when I’m adding books male teens and older guys might like, not all in the SF/fantasy genre. 

The contest entry requirements are easy, one entry per person. Do whichever applies:

1. If you’re not a follower, follow this blog through Google Friend Connect and leave a comment saying whether you’re US or International along with your email address so I can contact you if you win any of the prizes. 

2. If your face is already among the followers on my sidebar, you may do one of the following: either like my Facebook page (there’s a link on my sidebar) or post this giveaway on any social media such as FB or twitter (links are at the bottom of this post). You also need to leave a comment stating whether US or International along with your email address saying which thing you did. 

Don’t forget to comment below for this contest and a chance to win one of multiple drawings. The US winner’s 1st prize is a medium box including a hardback plus enough of my used paperbacks to fill the box. 2nd prize if US is a 3-4 book padded mailer, and a $10 Book Depository option for International entries.

There will be other drawings to match each featured author book posted during the contest with either US or international winners, according to the author’s shipping requirements. You can see these books in every post since Nov 17, easy to spot because of the Gratitude Giveaways picture.

After you comment, you can collect your free E-books mentioned above and then find the entire linky list of 300+ easy contests in this post. Enjoy!

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