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Angie here. I just read Floppy The Mystery Dog and the New Kid. This book was a lot of fun. It is a children’s chapter book done by a couple of independent authors.This is the first book they have released, but they already have another Floppy story in the works that is due to come out later this year.

Promo Blurb:

Stunning new children’s book series highlights the classic tale of the new kid on the block, with the added bonus of a mystery homeless dog. Why is this filthy, floppy-eared homeless dog a mystery? Children want to know!

The book is the first in a series aimed at teaching compassion and acceptance to children, not only of the human condition, but also our furry counterparts. The second book in the series, centering on a neglected child, is already written and due out in early October, 2014.

In addition to educating children about life situations, Denise Bloomfield and Diana Starr, the homeschooling authors, are hoping to connect with community animal shelters in the Los Angeles area to help bring awareness to the need of supporting animal adoption. The character of Floppy has already gained a Facebook following and is linking to adoption agencies in the area.

Meet Floppy

Denise and Diana share a passion for early childhood education and look forward to sharing more of their writing with the public. You can find more about them, and their wonderful character, Floppy, at his website,www.floppythemysterydog.com.



This quick little read, good for new readers, was written very conversationally. As a kid, I hated reading books that had confusing language. I always thought, “no-one talks like that.” I was, of course, right. Though I understand beautiful language better now, I still prefer books with a conversational feel. The story was about a new kid who had just moved to a new place and didn’t have any friends when he meets Floppy. Now, I liked the idea of Floppy and his mysterious nature, and his personality. However, I didn’t feel his personality came across very clearly. I still liked him, but wasn’t sure what personality I was supposed to be getting from him. Still, he was a very likable character.

I believe the book took place over the course of just one day. PLENTY happens in that one day, but it did leave me wanting more. I think that was part of the plan though, because there is another book coming out later this year. I liked the simple illustrations too. It was a good balance between pictures and words for kids that would be reading. It’s always hard to make the transition from picture books to novels. This type of book is great for the transition.You still get pictures, but the reading is being done in paragraph form, and once again the conversational feel of the paragraphs really makes it easy to read. I’m sure new readers will really enjoy the story.

Overall the book was done really well for the age-group intended. The personalities of the characters are simple and entertaining. The book was silly while talking about a very relatable subject. A lot of kids move to new places and it’s good to talk about the difficulties without making it emotional. This book did a great job of that. I think you’ll enjoy Floppy the Mystery Dog and the New Kid.

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