Fantasy/SF Book Giveaway and Book Spell Contest

Halloween is almost upon us but it’s not too late to enter these contests.

My 100 Follower Contest is open until 10/31 and my Chocolate Follower Contest is always open with monthly drawings. You have to be a follower of this blog for both contests, but not a new follower. The catch is both also require a comment and a few other easy peasy things. Bonus, both also have a gift card option for international entries or if you’d just rather choose your own books or chocolate. Click either link above to get to that contest and leave your comment.

Now for Charlotte’s Cast a Spell for October Contest, giving out Enchantmenton Goodreads, one free e-book each day for the best spell that day!

The contest runs until Halloween, but most of the entries were stacked up in the first of the month. The day I entered, mine was the only spell. Of course, I like to think it would have won even with some competition. Here it is:

It’s too dark to walk in the park,
The sun went down long ago.
Even the light from my kindle doth dwindle,
I wish the moon would show.

But I’m reading a book with such a sharp hook,
I ignore the warning sign.
I enter the way where wicked things play,
And they try to steal what’s mine.

They know not the thrill of the writer’s skill
Or the strength it gives my spine.
So I stand and fight with all my might.
For I haven’t read the last line.

When the moon doth rise it shows the prize.
Still tucked within my arm.
Evil has fled; perhaps it’s dead.
Defeated by one book’s charm.

I already downloaded my prize and read the book. I have a rule that I only read as long as I can walk. It’s my way of staying healthy and building my bones. But I have to confess I broke that rule yesterday when my legs gave out. I collapsed on the couch and stayed up late to finish Enchantment. So much for self-control.

So write a little poetry, and you could win Enchantment, free!

First, you have to join the Fantasy and YA Addicted Book Club on Goodreads to enter the contest.  Then click here to reach the contest conversation. After you enter your spell, you should pop on over to her blog and read her entertaining entries about how she sneaks in her reading time and why she abuses her poor Barby and Ken dolls. Yeah, you should follow her too,  but I get first dibs on giving her a blog award! And here it is, The Versatile Blogger award.

Charlotte Abel is more than capable.
She writes right from her heart.
So please help me bring her some cheer;
  read her blog and follow it here. 

Charlotte, you can read my 7 random facts plus check the rules about thanking the giver, revealing your own 7 facts and passing the award on to other blogs at the original post here. You can also put this award on your blog. It’s yours to keep even after you pass it on. Enjoy!

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  1. Oh yes, must remember to enter contests…

    I left a meme for you over at my blog:

  2. Great poem! I have no e-reader, so I won’t be entering, but still, a very fun idea. 🙂

  3. Thanks Sher! I’m so excited about the blog award! (And congrats again for your prize winning spell!)

  4. Awesome poem! :0) I’m following your wonderful blog. It sounds like we have the same taste in books.

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