EYES see you. Come see me too.

Why didn’t the EYES, better known as Empathic Yoga Ecologist Seers on Erth One, predict so many people would check my website as soon as I started querying agents to represent Erth Won? (That’s the book title, not the planet name.) I sent only a few letters, not thinking even one agent would check my website. At least not so soon. And never 20 times as many letters as I sent. It can’t be the webcrawler bots checking for updates.

Under such scrutiny, I decided to do a major overhaul. Many agents say they want well-developed new worlds or old ones re-imagined. Though Erth One fits both extremes, I hadn’t posted many specifics online. So I did.

For my friends and relatives who already read my home page, please do so again. Same goes for teenage and adult reviewers. Let me know if you like the hisstory I posted for Erth One. Ditto if you have any questions about Erth SCOUTs, Super Conductors of Universal Terraforming. Most important, show your interest and support by clicking the like button and sharing on Facebook. I need a large audience of willing readers, the larger the better.

Why, you might ask? To convince an agent I have enough readers to make it worth marketing my book. These days most publishers won’t read any manuscript sent by an unagented writer. And what good is free agency without any doors open to choose between?

Erth Won is a clean read, even if the characters get dirty fighting addictive towbackhoes and other evils poisoning the Heartland. In the end, someone will have make sure evil gets its just desserts, beating some murderous bullies in the process.So share with anyone who has children over the age of ten who might like going along on the reading adventure of a lifetime, saving Erth One’s Heartland from destruction.

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    Go to http://astorybookworld.blogspot.com/p/awards.html and pick up your award.

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