Everyone can change: even hackers

Sher here today with a message to the hackers who can’t find anything better to do with their time than hack my website and post spam. I’m notifying anyone you link to about your lack of morals. How long do you think you’re going to get paid per click by the book translation service after they find out how you’re getting the clicks?

Find something honest  to do. Stop wasting my time and yours. Go volunteer at a nursing home or a children’s hospital. Learn to translate so you don’t have to make money by spamming. I assume you have or had a mother…. Didn’t she teach you to be honest? If not, or if you spent your early years in an orphanage or whatever other horrible circumstances, do you think that excuses your behavior  now? I don’t think so. Human beings can learn. We were put here to see if we could learn to help other people, not hurt them.

I volunteer at church and give to local shelters. I help authors become successful and make an honest living. All the time I’m taking to undo your damage, I can’t use to help somebody else. So think about it. It’s high time for you to redirect your energies in a positive way. Maybe one of you with an ounce of conscience remaining would be so kind as to tell me how you’re getting in and help me stop the ones who’ve become too incorrigible to want to change.

That’s all I have to say.









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  1. Well, it looks like I have a bunch of new children or grandchildren on my site. Hackers or readers, it’s probably best to think of me as your mom because I still act like one to my grown sons. I taught them to love reading when they were little, and some still read, even though it’s mostly gaming books. They’re all smart. The oldest is an electrical engineer. If you’re here, I assume you’re smart too. Wisdom is something else entirely. When you gain that, you’ll be able to make an honest living. And you’ll spend your spare time helping other people, for example, by reading to children or adults who need the skill to get and keep paying jobs. You know, like the proverb says, “teach a man to fish….” Then, with food in his belly, he’ll have the desire to feed his mind. That’s wisdom… go fish for some!

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