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Hi, whoever manages to find me here. It’s Sher A Hart, not ready yet to import my blog from Blogger. This blog is still under construction even though I signed up a few months ago. At the time, we had just moved to a house with almost 2.5 acres and chickens to take care of, my cat was lost 5 weeks outside in freezing weather, and we had just started a remodel for handicap access when my mom got sick. Did I mention that I was also trying to make her a picture book from a poem she wrote when my brother was little? In other words, I was too busy to change my annoying WordPress blog.

Annoying? Yes. You had to see it to believe it. The person who set it up made it into an ad for his own business. I thought the offer was for a blog completely ready for me to use, set up for me. Take a peek at the post on   Did I misinterpret the wording? What would you have thought you’d get?

For the pessimists who read this, don’t give me that “You get what you pay for” cliche. I do too much hard work for no pay to promote good books for children to believe it. There are plenty of good things I get for free because “what goes around, comes around” as my mother-in-law used to say. I’m not the only one who follows the Golden Rule.

I want to make two things clear. One, the “Free blog” offer in the link is no reflection on Kathy, who set up her own blog and doesn’t know what my “ad” blog looked like until I changed it. Two, I’ve used Arvixe’s support and watched enough Youtube reviews to feel comfortable with Arvixe’s customer service and hosting.


Thanks for visiting, and please tell me if you’ve considered switching from Blogger to WordPress. Also, if you did it, are you happy with how it went?


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  1. Well–I found you! I hope this comment goes through. I got a website from–it cost $99 to remove the Wix ad, but it was well worth it. I can update it as I need and I imported my Blogger blog with one click. I think I set the whole thing up in about a half an hour. When I had a website designer quote a site, she said it would be $1,000 and the work she’d done for other writers was nice, but not THAT nice!

    • Hey, Stephanie, I found your comment waiting to be approved. I changed the options so future comments will show up without my intervention. Thanks for telling me on my other blog so I could fix it! One task done and a million more to go, LOL! I have a similar site to your Wix one on Weebly. Very user friendly too. But it doesn’t offer as many design choices as WordPress does. I might check out Wix if I can’t get this arranged like I want it. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Oh no I’m so sorry! I’ve worked with Brent for years and he has always been so good to work with. He set up this site for another blogger: so I assumed everyone would get something similar that they were pleased with.

  3. Hey, Kathy, good to see you here. My Ereader and Me looks nice. I’ve been in contact with Brent about changing his offer to specify that he preloads extra software but doesn’t do any designing. That’s enough value to attract people to sign up with Arvixe and earn his affiliate commission. Turns out we have very different definitions of “ready to use” that led me to expect more than I got. Wording can be tricky–I’ve done my share of mis-communicating my intentions. I think we both learned something about working with different perspectives that will help us find common ground in the future. Thanks so much for stopping by! Next time, your comment will post without me having to approve it. One step at a time…

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