Succeed at self-publishing: Advice from Susan Kaye Quinn

Hi, all, it’s Sher here with about the easiest post I’ve ever written. Why? Because my part is almost done. I just want authors to follow Susan Kaye Quinn’s advice on how to succeed at self-publishing. She should know. She’s been there and done it with a bunch of books …

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The Duality Bridge Book Review & Giveaway

Hi, all, it’s Sher today with an awesome book by Susan Kaye Quinn, my favorite living SF author. The Duality Bridge is book two in the Singularity series, and I’m here for the blog tour and thrill ride wherever it takes me.   The Legacy Human by Susan Kay Quinn …

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Faery Swap Book Blast~ Hosted by Mother Daughter Book Reviews

Hello everyone; Paul here today. I feel a bit guilty taking a book blast for one of Sher’s favorite authors, but I did offer her the chance so…. I read Susan’s YA thriller, Open Minds and loved it so I can’t wait to jump into this one. This is a …

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Third Daughter Blog Tour: Dating Game & Giveaway

Hi, all, Sher here with a Dating Game Interview for Third Daughter by Susan Kaye Quinn, my favorite YA author. Susan packs in so much imagination to her books, they’re as pleasurable and hard to put down as fine chocolate. Each character is interesting, most inventions are cool toys that …

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I’m Moving! & Third Daughter Book Blast Giveaway

Hi, all, Sher here with a book blast for my favorite YA author, Susan Kaye Quinn! If you want the whole story about my move, my lost cat, the caller who threatened to kill my cat, the vandalism that cut off my phone, internet, TV, etc., read my IWSG post …

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