Editing: It’s more than Passing Time!

Hi, all. Sher here. I’ve been so busy getting our house ready to sell and getting it on the market here (kids are gone so we’re downsizing), I’ve had trouble making time to write. Editing gets a higher priority than writing because I love reading. And I love reading books …

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Children’s Book Week Giveaway Hop: Choice of Books

Sher here with a bunch of my own children’s books to choose from. I finally took pictures. So as not to leave out my international readers, one winner will receive as many ebooks or books as I can ship or deliver digitally for $10 or less via Amazon or Book Depository. If …

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IWSG and the Editing Bug

Hi, fellow insecure writers, Sher A. Hart here with a post that may hit home with a few of you. First off, kudos to Alex J. Cavanaugh, ninja master of all insecure writers and inventor of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group (IWSG). I think he must have at least a …

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Editing in Style with Karen Cole

 Since I believe writers should give each other a hand up, I decided to write a series of posts on editing. I’ve spent too much time informing indie authors of problems with their books, and even more starting books I didn’t finish, so I posted “Mistakes that make me put …

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