Review: Chasing Freedom by Nikki Grimes, Illustrated by Michele Wood

Hi everyone, it’s Kara again, and I have a great historical fiction book to share with you today. Chasing Freedom (The Life Journeys of Harriet Tubman and Susan B. Anthony Inspired by Historical Facts) by Nikki Grimes, Illustrated by Michele Wood. About the book: Nikki Grimes offers a glimpse into the …

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Flight of the Mite Book Blast and Giveaway

Greetings, my name is Kevin Gerard. I live in San Diego, California, teach statistics, and write fantasy adventure novels for young readers, mostly middle grade. I’ll be reviewing MG and YA books for this blog, Sher A Hart: Written Art, beginning very soon. As a matter of fact, I’m almost …

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Joosh’s Juice Bar: The Blue Banana Berry Adventure Book Review

Hi, all, Sher here with a book review for Joosh’s Juice Bar: The Blue Banana Berry Adventure. Also a note that we’re going back to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday posting schedule for the summer. Maybe permanently. I need time to write. Okay, I want time to write. And Paul needs …

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Billy and the Monster who Ate All the Easter Eggs Book Blast & Giveaway

Hi, all, Sher here with a perfect book before Easter, especially for children who might eat too much candy. Not your kids, right? Well, mine sure did when they were young. So please, take a look! About the Book   Title: Billy and The Monster Who Ate All The Easter …

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The Girl with the Gold Coin Proofreading Contest

Hi, all, Sher here, so happy to be done with my taxes that I want to jump for joy! But I’m way behind, so I’ll settle for catching up on my blog, starting with a proofreading contest for the second of a middle grade fantasy book series, Norm and Burny. I …

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