Monstrous Earth Won Intro & 2 Giveaways

Welcome to my world! I’d like to give you a little taste of the book I wrote for teens, currently in rewrite as I convert to first person point of view. I believe it lets me into my main character’s head a lot better than third person, but a sad …

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Fantastic Music for my Fabulous Followers

I started out blogging about music to write by, which in normal circumstances would be fine. Nice soothing background music stimulates the creative centers of the brain used in writing just as learning music increases math and logic skills. I read the scientific studies long ago and assume that’s how …

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My Body of–Body Parts!

Body: Sometimes I have to start typing before I know what I want to say. My fingers seem to be quicker than my brain at making decisions. So are my feet, which often take me somewhere my brain doesn’t seem to know about. When I get there they just stand …

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Midwinter’s Eve Blog Hop Giveaway!

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas giveaways! And here’s a chilly blog hop with lots of cool prizes, all for a few minutes of your time touring a winter wonder-blog-land. So bundle up, pour some hot chocolate, and start hopping or sliding along. You’ll be done before your …

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Free E-Books Galore for 200 Follower Gratitude Giveaway

I’m thankful for my followers, so today I’d like to provide links to some free E-books to celebrate my blog going over 200 followers. That’s right, free! These are in addition to the whole box of books you can win in my Counting Books Blessings Contest, part of the Gratitude …

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