IWSG: Emergency

Has it been a month since I posted?  It’s IWSG time already and I haven’t even caught my breath. I haven’t finished checking whether various browser anti-malware add-ons have updated their lists to reflect that my blog is now hack free vs. free to hack. But while the getting is …

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A baby and a giveaway. Not the baby.

Hi, everyone, it’s Sher here with a new baby announcement in behalf of Angie Bodine. In case you didn’t already know, she’s a friend I met at church right after the Air Force sent her and her baby son to Florida with her husband for his military training. When she …

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Find the Cutes by the Noots

Hi, all, Sher here, presenting writer Vincent Noot’s search book for children: Find the Cutes Playtime, already written and illustrated, but not yet in print. For the publishing and marketing, the authors signed up for a Kickstarter campaign finishing 14 April.   KICKSTARTER Find the Cutes Playtime by Vincent and …

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Back to School

     Paul R Hewlett here. It’s that time of year again. It’s time for parents and children to prepare for the upcoming school year. Soon, if you haven’t already, you will take your lists of needed school supplies and head off to WalMart, Target, or some store like them …

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From my Heart to Yours at Christmas

Wow. It’s almost Christmas and I had so many scheduled posts during November, I never posted this piece about my family’s service to country with some reminiscences thrown in. Though I’m late for Thanksgiving, I’m early for the new year with “Auld Lang Syne”, which means “times gone by”, right?  Now, …

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