Request for male beta readers, crit partners & agentss

Hey, all you guys out there in writer land. First, I need male beta readers for my first middle grade SF book, Erth Won, and some long term critique partners for book 2 on out. With a Boy Scout main character, I need to make sure he acts like a …

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100 Follower Book and Critique Giveaway

100 Follower Book Giveaway (ends 10/31):I’m still rejoicing over my 100 blog followers. Woot! This calls for a book giveaway.  I have a ton of used fantasy/sf books waiting for a new home. If you have a favorite SF/fantasy author/ title you’re looking for and don’t mind a used book, please say …

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Blankety-blank page? Not mine.

Before Rachael Harrie’s campaign, I tried to blog once a week, but I often posted less during frequent flurries of family activities and disasters, not to mention writing my second book. With all the blog-hopping I’ve done since the campaign started, I realize once a week isn’t often enough to …

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