Great books in store! From grades 3-4.

Hello, Paul here again. It’s time to talk about some more  great recommendations from our readers (and some from me). By the way, clicking on a picture will take you to Amazon in case you want to purchase the book. I’d like to start with some books, reading level grades 1-4, that I loved growing up. They …

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‘Where do you want to go?” (by book)

Hello again, Paul here.  In my “Back to School” post, I discussed how important reading was to me growing up.  I also asked you, the reader, to tell us your favorite children’s books.  I want to thank everyone that stopped by, read the post, commented, and tweeted.  There were some …

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Fight Elven Prejudice with The Man in the Cinder Clouds Giveaway

Today I’m finishing my interview with author R. J. Daley, the only person who knows the true origin of Santa Clause because he wrote the book, The Man in the Cinder Clouds! The Man in the Cinder Clouds is not cartoonish, although the book is very funny in places. It’s …

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Troll Bridge: Past to Future

I came across Siv Maria’s one year blog anniversary a while ago. She’s having a Trollfest! I confess to a fondness for trolls since I played with them instead of Barbies as a child. In her post, Siv asked us to link to our first blog post, but mine was …

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Midwinter’s Eve Blog Hop Giveaway!

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas giveaways! And here’s a chilly blog hop with lots of cool prizes, all for a few minutes of your time touring a winter wonder-blog-land. So bundle up, pour some hot chocolate, and start hopping or sliding along. You’ll be done before your …

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