Time for Author Interviews: Open Invitation

I found out yesterday that November is Adopt an Indie Month, dreamed up by Donna Brown of bookbagsandcatnaps.com. I already know author cross-promotion is a win-win, and I love the idea of saving time while also creating worthwhile content for my followers, mostly other writers. I’ve adopted one author already, Elizabeth Kirk, …

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100 Follower Book and Critique Giveaway

100 Follower Book Giveaway (ends 10/31):I’m still rejoicing over my 100 blog followers. Woot! This calls for a book giveaway.  I have a ton of used fantasy/sf books waiting for a new home. If you have a favorite SF/fantasy author/ title you’re looking for and don’t mind a used book, please say …

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Care for a Cause through RABMAD

No, I’m not rabid, and I’m not mad. Maybe a little nuts—for chocolate. So here’s the real deal. I’ve been looking for a better way to make my writing serve others ever since I started my blog. I finally found a great way to make it happen, thanks to this guy, …

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Platform falling, I mean following!

Rachael Harrie is an author so platform oriented that she’s run 2 successful writers’ platform building campaigns and started a third. I wish I were this organized. I really wish I had as many followers. I hope to gain more by joining her campaign and following her instructions. You can …

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Free chocolate or $10 gift certificate! Brown-nosing Contest Still Open.

I couldn’t decide at first whether to jump for joy or reign in my excitement when another writer, Dierdre Eden-Coppel, sent me her “Fantastic fantasy writer” blog award. My inner voice tells me my blogs aren’t that good, although I always try to add some wordplay fun. So with a …

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